Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Family Visit

 Before Gloria arrived, she received an email from her sister Karolyn in New York asking if some family could come and stay with us to visit while she was here. I was so excited! Finally! COMPANY! So on Friday night we had Gloria, her sister Karolyn, her sister Diana (and husband Jeff and daughter Kirsten) all at our house for a slumber party!

We shared lots of laughs.

My personal favorite of get togethers like this one is the FOOD.
It's Dawson's favorite too. Open up Kirsten!

 This went over so well, we're now selling tickets for more visitors.  If you would like to purchase a ticket, call the ticket hotline and speak with one of our agents.
Coming soon:
Purchase Wilkins Family visitor Souveniers!
A wide assortment of collectibles.
Choose from any of the items we were unable to sell in the garage sale.

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