Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Food, Festivities & Welcome Willy Dip

Ahhh... Thanksgiving! How I love you. Let me count the ways.. 1.2.3. Food.

Well Thanksgiving started early for us. Jason's mom, Gloria, got to fly out to be with us this year. She flew in last Monday and she is flying back this afternoon. We are sad to see her go. She's like having a live-in nanny.
For Thanksgiving dinner this year, we all met at my sister Bobbie's house. She's got plenty of room to house us all and still have place for the food. Now I'd like to take a minute to show off my sister's creative abilities. Not only did she have a big portion of the meal that she cooked for us, let us invade her house, but take a look at these extraordinary centerpieces she made!:

She tucked old family pictures around the fruit pieces and had candles burning and sitting inside. She should be on "Lifestyles of Creative Geniuses".

Before the festivities began we needed the kids to get their energy channeled through another source so they decided to keekle keekle as Dawson says it (tickle, tickle) each other.
Let's talk about food. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs and the highlight: Welcome Willy Dip. How many families get that for Thanksgiving? I'm going to venture around the none category. Here's the story:

When my sister Anita and her friend Jose arrived, they brought an appetizer. At this time, the rest of the family was gathered in the kitchen sampling various food items. Mom and I were talking and Nita set her food down on the table. Mom asked "oh what's this?" and Jose told her but I don't think she could hear him very well with all of us girls jabbering, mouths full and carrying on. So I hear mom say "Oh now isn't that nice? He named the dish he brought". I kept quiet because I didn't hear Jose tell mom anything. I could hear mom mumbling about the dish and the name he gave it, so I finally asked "mom, what did Jose call it?" Ans she said "Welcome Willy dip". And Nita came trouncing right over and said "Mom, it's GUACOMOLE dip". I laughed about that all afternoon.
I have to tell about the appetizer my sister Karen brought along. It's cracked pepper and olive triscuits with sliced muenster cheese on top drizzled with a dollop of pesto. Positively yummy.
After the large intake of food, we had set aside time for drama. A poem read by my mother and performed by the children.

 I cannot remember the title of the poem, but it was very patriotic-a tribute to soldiers (played by Corbin and Kadan). Kazlan was the keeper of the American flag and Dawson was.... a little patriotic boy with good intentions of keeping his bandana on but..it didn't work out. The drama concluded with the adults singing a rousing rendition of the National Anthem.
Right after the drama we did our DePew annual "draw for names". That's not a very clever title for it, is it? If you can think of a better one, than good for you. Mom, each of us girls and our husbands, fill out wish lists and put them in a hat. Then we each draw and see whose name we got for Christmas. This part of our Thanksgiving tradition takes FOREVER for all of my family members except for my sister Karen, and myself. We come fully prepared. We start the Christmas wish list process sometime in July. Complete with prices, pictures of the items and coupons if we have any. The worst part is.. we have to condense our 200 list of items down to a half sheet of paper to match the others. What the heck? How do we do that? Well, we write small like this: oooh,I really hope I get an official Red Ryder carbine-action two-hundred shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time! Otherwise, we'd be doomed to take things off the list. our husband's lists... they look like this: gloves. knife. That makes the rest of us grumble.

When all wish list making was over we gathered around for family pictures. I saw Dawson running around the kitchen with a piece of ham. Corbin and his dad were sitting on the steps and Dawson headed their way. Corbin said "what does Dawson have?" I told him he had a piece of ham and Corbin looked at his dad and said "Daddy, do I like ham?" 
As Thanksgiving was drawing to a close, Bobbie asked if anyone wanted to play Yahtzee. Several minutes went by before anyone responded and an impatient Kazlan declared "I want to play Tootsie!". Gloria won. She and my mom both rolled 2 yahtzees during the course of the game and I pouted.

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