Monday, November 19, 2007

PEPSI vs coke

I have no idea what made me think of this. I LOVE PEPSI. But way back in the day, when Jason and I first started dating I would email him these crazy pepsi commercials that I had made up. I had printed off some of them hoping someday I could turn them in and they'd use one and I'd be famous. I am famous. It's just that none of you know it yet.

Here is my very first one ever written.

1. (cue Peter Pan and Tinkerbell flying) (enter stage left-Captain Hook, who is looking rather sick as he just drank a coke instead of pepsi). Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are dying of thirst. (flying will do that to ya). *cue sound of pepsi can opening. Peter pan takes one refreshing drink before sharing with Tinkerbell and commercial concludes by him singing "bah bah bah bah... the joy of pepsi"

This one was written the day after Jason met my dad for the first time and dad offered Jason a beer. (right after learning he worked for Youth for Christ). Jason took the beer because he was afraid of my dad. I didn't know any of that had happened and I found the beer in Jason's cup holder in the Jeep as we were about to leave. I ran the beer up to my dad who laughed so hard he was nearly crying.

1. camera pans night club with a very HOT pianist in a tux playing softly at the front. *editors note: the name Jason comes to mind for this pianist but we don't need names for this commercial.
-Enter: an attractive 24 year old girl with her dad. The dad walks vicariously up to the piano. -cue background poker game, laughter and glasses clinking.
Dad: "hey son, would like a beer?" ...pianist nods and continues to play softly so the dad puts the beer in his tip cup. The very irate yet attractive young girl with a crush on the pianist runs to the piano to grab the beer but trips over a pepsi. *editors note: this girl is not klutzy, but the script writer's are going on strike and had to get this commercial out before pepsi ratings started to fall) The pepsi rolls to the piano and the pianist picks it up. -cue: pop can opening. The dad, satisfied, removes his beer from the tip cup and heads to a poker game. The girl now very happy but still on the floor sings "bah bah of pepsi" -fade out.

This one was written before CSI became a hit show!

1. It's late at night. The only noise to be heard is the gently hum of tress blowing in the wind. The solitary light for the path is the small sliver of moon surrounded by myriads of clouds haunting the distance so that you do not know where to turn. Suddenly, you hear twigs breaking behind you and you realize you are being followed. you violently grasp your way through trees and brush trying to find even a glimpse of hope that you will find a safe haven until daybreak. Then it happens. There's a clearing where you come upon an old abandoned house. Quietly but briskly you go inside trying to erase all evidence of your presence from the person following you. You look around you and amidst the dirt and rubbish you find a REFRIGERATOR! The one thing in the whole place that works. You open it and there inside is an ice cold can of refreshing PEPSI. You check the expiration date on the bottom, it's still good. The sound of the can opening alerts you to other sounds around you. The person following you knows where you are. He must be a coke lover. The culprit see you with the now empty pepsi can and with great dismay returns form when he came.. *cue lighting which illuminates an old abandoned house with a pepsi having the only color in the shot.

This one came from the part of my brain that though it missed college.

1. Ahhh yes... it's that time of year again. (cue: picture of Bethel college fade in) Classes are about to commence, as high spirited freshman run around campus trying to make friends. The fountain is up and running, (cue sound of rushing water) and the squirrels are making headlines as they bite and cause rabies. Homecoming is the spark of life as alumni prepare for their big return.

Enter: sexy young man with dark hair in white T-shirt and jeans drinking a pepsi.
Enter: sexy young female with brown hair and highlights wearing a cute red dress looking for a sexy young man who just might be drinking a pepsi. (in a can is her favorite).. guy walks up to girl who is now sitting under a tree studying. She is obviously parched from thirst.
Guy: I thought you might like something to drink.
Girl: (cue big smile, as cheeks blush she runs fingers through her hair) Oh, thank you.
*Picture of Bethel College - fade out. Pepsi music playing softly in background.

This is the final one and it's just random. I'm getting really thirsty.

1. Well, it's that time of year again. The corn is knee high and the sound of children laughing filters through the air (cue: sound of lawn mower and breeze blowing through trees)
Enter: 2 sweaty boys who just finished a rough round of basketball.
Enter: man delivering Pepsi to a Pepsi machine, who kindly hands both boys a nice cold Pepsi in a can. *cue boy on the left: "Thanks mister". (fade out). What better way to refresh your thirst after a long hot day than with an ice cold PEPSI?

Look who follows my lead...

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