Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poopy Doo-Doo

Jason called me this morning to tell me his proudest moment. He was changing Dawson and out from nowhere Dawson yells "poopy doo-doo"!
OH Boy.
I wanted to tell a cute story from Sunday night. Jason and I try and take a little time each night for family time. Just to focus on Dawson and play with him. Well, Sunday night Dawson had dug his shape sorter out. It's the same one as this:
Jason and I were sitting on the couch and Dawson brought the shape sorter over to us. He has learned the circle and rectangle. But he has little patience for the other shapes so each time he had inserted the circle or rectangle, he'd hand the box to one of us and say "help". We realized he mean the wanted us to  open the lid so he could get his two shapes back out again. So we did this over and over and over (you do things over an over a lot in toddler world, I've noticed).
He has finally busted the binding off his book I Love Trucks if that says anything.
Anyway, he pointed at the raised  circles on the side of the shape sorter box and said "bubble". I thought that was quite clever. He finished playing his and was off.. the next thing we know he comes back with a square refrigerator magnet. He uses that magnet as a phone. He holds it up to his ear and walks around and talks. S he's talking on his magnet-phone and comes walking over to us.  I said "Dawson, who are you talking to?" He says "Jesus". I'm not kidding. I asked if I could talk to Jesus and Dawson walked away still chatting. (apparently it was a private phone call).
After this we played hide-n-go-seek. I kept Dawson in the living room while Jason went to hide.Then Jason yells Dawson's name-"Dawson.. Dawson.." and Dawson goes tearing down the hallway to find him. Once Dawson gets real close whoever is hiding whispers his name and when he finds us we jump out and congratulate him on a job well done. Well Dawson had just found one of us. After he finds us he usually runs back to the living room for another round. This time he went to the bedroom and pulled the door close to him so that he was hidden (this is how Jason and I hide a lot, behind the bedroom doors) then he started saying "Dawson, Dawson".. so Jason and I said "where's Dawson" and he came out clapping. How cute is that?!
Funny boy.

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