Friday, November 9, 2007

I have a hangnail.

Have I ever talked about my nephew Mikey? I don't believe I have. I don't get to see him that often. I've been thinking about him lately. So here he is! I'm posting him in my blog.
Mikey was the first born of all my nieces/nephews. Born to my sister Anita as Michael Robert but I've called him Mikey since he was born. So Mikey he will forever be! Just like I will forever be Joy Dawn, or JD to those who called me that growing up. Lovely. Mikey was born when I was 10 and sporting big blue glasses and a mullet. Have a look. That's Karen on the left and Bobbie in the middle holding him.
I remember getting to stay the night with Nita after he was born. She was changing his diaper on the couch and he peed on her face. Oh I laughed and laughed. Here's a pic with him and Felicia.
 Here's the whole gang. Mikey, Felicia, Shadow and that's my brother-in-law's daughter, Erica, in the back. That was a lot of comma's.
School days!
And now he's all grown up. He just had his 20th birthday a couple of weeks ago. Augh! Welp Mikey, if you get a chance to read this... HI!
While I'm at it, here's Shadow when she was a tiny tot. Isn't she cute?
And here's dad talking to her on the phone. That's a big phone.
She came over a couple of weekends ago and stayed the weekend with us.

We went shopping and played monopoly. I won! And she watched Dawson for us so we could go out for dinner with some friends.
Let's see...
Jason decided to swaddle Dawson. Dawson didn't like it.
And I was folding clothes and Dawson took the basket away and decided to sit in and watch tv.
I told Jason to pull me on the ghetto sled but Dawson wanted to go too.

This post is purely random

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