Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tantrums or Ugs.

Only 47 more shopping days until Christmas
Here is my list:
  • A nanny to work the hours of midnight to 8:00 a.m.
  • A device which teaches toddlers how to sit still and has an indicator light showing when toddlers are full, thirsty, hungry or need put to bed.
  • How much do you think a device like that costs?
  • A maid. One who will also cook and do my job at work so I can stay home.
  • Free babysitter who is always on call ready and at our house within 5 minutes.
  • An antibiotic that kills viruses. Creating a sick free home. While we're at it, take care of ALL sickness and disease.
  • How much would an antibiotic like that cost?
  • baby #2
  • someone talk to my husband into wanting baby #2
  • A peppermint mocha from Starbucks. With red and green sprinkles
Those of you who know me, know I LOVE Christmas. I have created angst (my new favorite word) among my colleagues at work due to the fact that they say I'm rushing Christmas by blaring my Steve Tyrell musical version of "Frosty the Snowman" through my computer. I keep it loud because I'm trying to reach the masses. Get into the holiday spirit. They, on the other hand, are Christmasly inept at the moment. 47 more shopping days people! My friend Janell, that I work with actually has almost all of her Christmas shopping done already. Though she doesn't want to rush Christmas. I'm not rushing it. I want to make it last longer. I would decorate now if I could figure out how to get into our attic without killing myself since there's no ladder. How does my husband get up there?
Let's chat about Dawson and his developmental accomplishments. Shall we? HELLO TANTRUM! I have been inducted into the toddler world of the tantrum. Not a world I like to mingle in. Dawson goes at this with all his toddler strength. Just the other day I took a car away from him because he was driving it on the wall., leaving scratches. His response was throw himself on the floor screaming wildly while kicking his feet. So I told him he was being a tad melodramatic and a bit emotional. That didn't seem to affect his dramatic display.
On the other hand, he has somehow learned to give "ugs". He says "ug, ug" and spreads his arms out as wide as they will go. He'll hug you for about 2 seconds and then go about his merry way. How cute is that? I love ugs! I can also see glimpses of his imagination at work. He has a furrowed brow when he collects all his cars, lines them up on the edge of our bed and waits. Not sure what he's waiting for, but he waits. Then he makes little car sounds and they're off to the derby. Or is that for horse racing?
He still panics when he's hungry. He has learned to say "all done" when he's finished. And he repeats it until you realize he really is all done and take his dishes away. He walks to his crib and tries to climb in when he's ready for bed. And if you tell him to get his shoes to go bye-bye he will return with as many shoes as he can hold, and keep going back to get the rest until you have his entire shoe selection to choose from.
Only 47 more shopping days to find more shoes to add to his collection...

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