Monday, November 5, 2007

Sleep Deprivation and Toasted Subs

 My friend and college roomie Mindy, and I had a slumber party planned for a little over a month. So when last Friday finally arrived I couldn't focus at work because I kept thinking of all the things I wanted to take to Mindy's house and don't forget the pie or the movie! But here it was! Friday! at this time every year Jason is in a fund-raiser for YFC. The roller-thon. Where 6th-8th graders from various schools all over northeast Indiana get together and roller skate from midnight until 6 a.m. and they drink mountain dew, fall asleep on roller skates and try to keep from falling and breaking bones. Sounds like fun. Mindy's husband had to work.
So off Dawson and I went. When we arrived, Dawson just kind of took over. Oh! New toys! And let me tell you something. Cora has TOYS!
Cora has this whole cabinet devoted to toys in addition to the ones she has all over the house. Dawson has a basket in our living room. And if he's lucky, we feed him too.
Mindy made us yummy toasted subs. Why have I never though of making a toasted sub? I could have Subway in my very own home! We put the children to bed and then tried staying up to watch movies. Oh and before I forget. Mindy had a surprise for me in the bathroom That was so sweet. We watched "the importance of being earnest" and most of "sense and sensibility". Come on! We made it to midnight! then we went to bed. I didn't get any sleep however. because Dawson kept me up all night coughing and then I was stressed that Mindy could hear him in her room and that Cora would hear him in her room. I think I fell asleep in between coughing fits. Poor Dawson. I was up by 5:30 because I knew Mindy would be getting up and getting around to go to a baby shower she was going to in Ohio. I think I still haven't caught up on sleep.
The kids let Mindy hold them. The kids do not let Joy hold them.
I was giving Cora cheesy popcorn all night so she started warming up to me. I have no idea why Dawson was eating his foot.
Fun times at the Flicks. I heard that you watched the new version of Pride & Prejudice in honor of me Mindy! (I'm asking for that for Christmas). We should have just kept going and tried watching that one too. I saw coffee in your kitchen.
Coffee and Dayquil.

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