Thursday, November 1, 2007

Grandma Jean

Last Tuesday we took a little road trip to Ohio to meet up with Jason’s dad who was there on business. (Greg, does that make you sound important or what?) Greg was staying with his mom –Grandma Jean Wilkins! It was so good to see her and get to see Greg too. We had lunch at Skyline Chili. This was Grandma Jean’s first experience eating at Skyline and I had to grin about it because she literally lives within walking distance of this location. If Jason lived that close, I would never cook.. He’s eat there breakfast, lunch and dinner. She ordered the same thing as me –a 3 way baked potato and for you uneducated Skyline folks out there, a 3-way potato is a baked potato with skyline chili on it, topped with cheese and onion. Grandma Jean was faint of heart over the chili so she asked for the toppings on the side. (Jason held his tongue) then she tried a few bites and really like it. By that time, I had half my potato and my 3-way coney with everything inhaled. She had to box hers up and take the rest home. Jason was excited to get to share that experience with her. You have not lived if you haven’t had Skyline. When we finished eating we headed back to Grandma Jean’s. Photo Ops ahead of course!
Dawson did quite well on the 3 hour trip. He’s becoming a traveling man!
 Below is a picture of her bird Holly. This bird is the most stubborn bird! I treid all stinking day to get Holly to let me hold her and everytime I went over to her cage she snubbed me and then she flew around the room like she was sounding an alarm that I was near! I even gave her popcorn! No more popcorn for YOU miss Holly!
Greg headed out to run some errands and Grandma Jean took a nap so I decided to watch “Thou Shalt Laugh” Quite funny. After a while, Dawson was showing signs of winding down.
 So Jason laid him down in his lap and he fell asleep! How sweet.

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