Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bonfire Stories

Last Saturday, my Aunt Jerri pulled off a huge shindig. I like that word. Shindig. So I thought I’d use it. She decided she wanted the whole family to get together and have food and a bonfire at my grandma’s house. So we did. I have proof. There are pictures. My aunt Jerri his just one of many of my mom’s sisters. She did a great job of putting this all together. Kudos to you auntie.
First, we stuffed ourselves. We all brought a dish to share which included but was not limited to, sloppy joes (I feel sorry for my cousin Joe, because his name is Joe and there is a food nefariously named after him) and there was this cheese dip that I don’t  know how made it but it was yummy and Karen love this strawberry pretzel stuff that my aunt Ruthie made. I had a pepsi.
Really, I have a good looking family. Thank you very much.
 My mom took Dawson and was walking around with him and Karen’s kids and Shadow. So I stopped looking around to see if he was missing. At one point I hear mom yelling “there he goes” and sure enough. There’s Dawson running nefariously through an open field all by himself. Who’s gonna go get him? My aunt Ruth said to let him be. It’s obvious he wants his freedom! My cousin Jodie’s son went chasing after him and brought him back. Then I wondered. How far would he have gone? I think he would’ve kept on going! SEE YA GUYS!
 This is my aunt Bev, her husband Tim and my Uncle Chuck.
I have a good story about my aunt Bev that my sister Karen told us.. She remembers being young and going somewhere (she can’t remember where) with my Aunt Bev. She thinks they were delivering some treats called “snow on the mountain” to the church or something like that. ( for the record, I have never heard of a food dish called ‘snow on the mountain’ but sounds tasty). The snow on the mountain are wedged in tight between Aunt Bev and Karen. They’re driving along and aunt Bev SLAMS on the brakes! The snow on the mountain tumbles in to the crack of the seat. Forlorn, Karen looks at aunt Bev wondering what to do. Aunt Bev says “oh no! My Snow on the Mountain are down in the valley!” We all just died laughing. But Aunt Bev said she doesn’t remember that story. I love it.
Here’s a picture of mom and Dawson before he tried to win his freedom.
 “sisters, sisters… there were never such devoted sisters”…
Can you look much more alike than that? That’s my mom and my aunt Iney!
 This picture was taken before it really started to get cold. Then the circle got increasingly smaller. Until all of a sudden we had to kick people out of the bonfire.
Karen was full of stories! She told us another one that has my Aunt Ruthie very bitter. My grandma had this plastic bunny on a stake that she would stick in the ground around Easter time. The bunny had it’s hands in the air so it could hold something if you set it there. Every hear at easter grandma would have an easter egg hunt and hide an egg on the bunny altar. Karen found the egg there every year and kept it a secret so she always won the prize for finding the most eggs! How nefarious of her! I, of course, was not even born, let alone thought of and therefore never got to hunt easter eggs or send snow mountains to their death down in the valley. Instead, I got my teddy bear stolen from me by my cousin Ponsonby-Chmerkovsky when all I was doing was letting it swim! Good thing I don’t remember that bear.
 Ahhh… God intended families for good.
I have a good family.

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Karen said...

Those stories are all true. Our aunties just can't remember because it was so long ago but I remember like it was yesterday. good times... I miss you little sister of mine :(