Friday, October 19, 2007

The Nefarious Peacock.

I admit that the first time I heard the word "nefarious" I had to look it up in the dictionary. Actually, what I really did was type it into a Word document, highlighted it, and used the thesaurus to enlighten me. It worked. So here is my example of using the word nefarious which is now my new favorite word of the day) in context. Just in case at this moment you are only pretending to know what the word means, let me break out the thesaurus and enlighten you. Wicked, evil, despicable, immoral, reprehensible, disreputable.. all perfect adjectives to describe this nefarious peacock. Jason and I had gone to the Denver zoo. this was several years ago. I bought some popcorn and started eating it with no though whatsoever to any nefarious animals nearby thinking they like popcorn. This peacock must get a steady diet of popcorn. Rather than rising to the occasion as my knight in shining armor to save me from the clutches of the deadly beast, Jason took my picture. I did not share my popcorn with the peacock. And I lived to tell about it.
And now I have another story. This picture was taken after I graduated from college. I had just gotten back from my first trip ever to Florida. I had gone as a chaperone with a youth group. While we were there we got to spend one day at the beach. It was windy that day, overcast with no sun getting through the clouds at all. As a matter of fact, I remember being a little chilly. I had on a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and I was barefoot. I sat on the beach the entire time talking with some of the kids from the youth group. Later that evening, I noticed it was becoming increasingly more painful to walk. Thankfully, we were heading home the next day. Not only was I sunburnt on all exposed portions of my skin, but, when I got home and went to see the doctor about my feet, I found I had gotten 2nd degree burns on them. So I zoomed in on the picture of my feet and cropped. Sure enough, I even got a doctor's note to go to work barefoot for the next few days. How exciting is that? IN case you're wondering, I'm running out of pictures to post of Dawson. Guess I better get on that.
While I'm at it..
Look what I can do! 
I grew up doing puzzles with my mom. First you've got to get all the straight edges out. Then you pick out the easy parts. Then you let your mom do the hard stuff. That's how it worked for me. Mom, look at the legacy you left for me. I can do the easy part AND the hard part of a puzzle now! I will interject here that when I was sick and tired of this puzzle, Jaosn stepped in and helped me finish even though there were only about 100 pieces of the 1,000  and what did he do each time he found a piece that fit? "Bam! I'm just like Emeril! I'm the best!" I was too tired to argue. However, the picture below of the second puzzle (which was actually the first one I put together) is a puzzle I did all by myself! No help from Emeril wanna-be husband! So ha!
What else can I write about puzzles? Oh I did want to mention our obstacles! Puzzles are not easy to complete when you have cats. Because cats think they have earned the right to be in the center of all your attention. I'm not sure when that instinct came from but it's false. Don't let them fool you. They don't have to be! So, there were many days when mom nad I had put hard earned work into a puzzle just to find out that Subito had decided to sleep right in the center of it, leaving puzzle pieces lost in her wake. But we overcame and conqured! Nothing could get us down! We completed the puzzles!
And finally,
I just wanted to post this last picture because I can't believe it's real. Jason's aunt and uncle spotted this license plate and took a picture of it for me. THAT'S MY NAME! Who else in this whole wide world could possibly have MY name?! that's just crazy. And I can just see by what little there is, that the butt of the car that license plate is on, is quite cute! So the owner, if she does happen to be JOY DAWN, has good taste!

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