Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Good 'Ole Days

The world seems to have so much more color now than it did in the 70's & 80's. Don't ya think? I'm sure these pictures have faded somewhat, but back then everything was hippy orange and yellow. Not bad colors but not chartreuse or periwinkle. The picture to the left of Jason-he and his cousin Chad aren't that far apart in age. And obviously when they grew up, their parents had decided to send them off to church camp to meet girls. Which they did. I don't know why they didn't get an early start and send them off at this age. Clearly the good looks and charm were evident then as well. Though a bit hairless.

Here is a picture of me with my great Grandma Brown. My mom's grandma. There's not a whole I remember about her except I seems she smiled a lot. I know my mom told me that she used to think she locate water in the ground by taking a stick and when the stick trembled you know you had found water. Mom, am I making that up? I do know that everyone in the big town of Rome City knew who she was because I've seen pictures of her at this age when she was on a float in a parade (most like Chataqua Days) she was the stuff! I do notice from this picture that she doesn't have blue hair. When did old people start decided to get their hair done with the blue tint? Or was that a fringe benefit of getting your hair permed?

Here is a picture of Jason with his grandpa Janke. He is Gloria's dad. She says he was a GREAT dad. And look! Jason has a real Red Radio Flyer wagon! Jason's grandpa passed away when Jason was very young, but he still has good memories of how he spoiled him. I've gotten to see home videos of Jason when he was a baby! And grandpa Janke was usually the one filming. Jason has told me that he can still remember some toys he bought him when he was younger -like a small gas engine airplane that you control with a string, like a kite. Which I believe Jason said he had to take it apart to see how it worked. Why do little boys do that? Leave the toy together!

Here I am sitting on our old green couch with my stylin outfit. Blue and white striped long sleeve shirt with accenting blue and black plaid pants. I'm not gonna guess that I wanted to dress myself. Surely I had fashion sense back then. I'll bet my sister Nita dressed me. She used to make me say funny words too. Like vinegar. I will say that I wish I still had the blanket that's covering the back of the couch. It had "silkies" on it (silk edge around the blanket). I'd hold it and suck my finger.

This picture I have named "The cheater" because Jason told me his dad did his science fair project for him. Greg, is that true?! As you can see, he has a fascinating display of Indian spear heads. Which Jason said he and his dad would go out in the corn field and find. More so his dad because Jason has ADD and staring at the ground with the patience of Job is not his forte. Jason said he got a ribbon on this little project. Now I think I see it. It's the green one on the right hand side that says "Next year, do your OWN project".

Here's me with my Sunday School class at church. I remember this day because I remember wearing this dress to hang my special ornament on the Christmas tree up in front of the whole church. Which equaled to be about 15 people including the pastor. Unless I wore that dress EVERY Sunday, in which case, I have no clue which day this was. But the little girl on my left is named Amy and the little girl on my right is named somebody. I can't remember her name. But I'm pretty sure her mom dyed her hair. Not really. I just made that up.

Lastly is a picture of Jason with his sister Jenessa. Jason didn't tell me where they are but you can tell it's fall time and it's pretty! Jason saw this picture and he said "you can tell Jenessa is mischievous". Jenessa, what do you have to say for yourself? All I know is, in this picture Jason thinks he's the stuff! With his spiked mullet. Okay he doesn't have a mullet here but he used to!
Aww... how fun going back through all these pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

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