Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Right around this time of year, thoughts of my sister Sherri start crowding my mind.
I miss her.
She was 10 years old when I was born. I have fun, great memories growing up with her. For a while she and I shared a bedroom. There were nights when she didn't shave her legs and I'd yell at her because her prickly hairs would stab me. And some nights when I couldn't fall asleep, she would get out my smurf eraser, whom she named Malcolm Marvin McIntosh. My sister Nita said she got that name after a little boy that my mom used to babysit who had no depth perception and couldn't pour milk. Sherri used to have me walk with her down our long driveway before she would get on the bus. I'd be in my footie pajamas. She was also the one who let me try a cigarette when I was 5 years old because she let my friend Phillip try one. I turned blue and started coughing and she had to carry me inside and made me promise not to tell mom or dad.
I got to be in her wedding and I cried and cried when she left for her honeymoon because I thought that meant she wasn't going to be my sister anymore. Then she came back and eventually she and her husband lived with mom and I for a while and I figured out she was still my sister because we argued just like we did before she left.
This is her with me when I was Dawson's age. She looks like she should be the picture on the carton of hostess cupcake boxes or something. I, on the other hand, should be on the cover of Cutes Baby Magazine!
After she had the girls I was the prime babysitter. One time I lost Felicia. I couldn't find her so I ran down the hill and saw her walking down the road carrying a duck. Oops. I guess I lost her twice because another time I found her crawling up the hill in the sandpit we had in our back yard. I never lost Shadow!
She chipped her front tooth when she fell on the sidewalk one day. Evenutally she got it fixed. She's got some Farah Fawcett/ Charlie's Angels hair goin on her highschool pic. Her nickname was Bear and I can't remember how she got that nickname. But she did own a dog once that she named Bear and it ran sideways.
Funny how the little things become so important when all you have is a memory.
My dear sister... I miss you.


Anita said...

aww!! <3 I didnt know half these things.

Anonymous said...

<3 <3 <3 I have an older sister who was 10 when I was born too... sisters are the best... sorry for your loss! Makes Heaven sweeter! <3

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize how much I missed Sherri until I read this! Here are the 'true' stories:

The nickname "Bear" she got because of the cereal commercial she used to quote, perfectly!, which was "I don't care, Bear!" Of course it must be said like it was in the commercial, back in the day, just after television turned to color instead of black and white. (Had to put a dig in there, Sherri; if you were here you'd have hit me in the arm for that, I am sure!!) I think he was the Sugar Bear, but can't recollect the cereal name, nor if they still even make it any more.

She broke her tooth when camping over at Oliver Lake, maybe, or up north of there, at the other place I don't recall the name of. Dad took everyone camping, and Sherri took off on a bicycle down this big hill and went flying over the handlebars when it went so fast it got away from her.

At least those are my recollections, as everyone is entitled to their own memory stick.

The thing of it is, how can I miss her more now than I even did then?? :(