Thursday, January 17, 2008


I wanted to post good news since the story of Dawson's recent misfortune was such a bummer. So here is the good news: We finished decorating Dawson's room! Hip-Hip Hooray! I'm actually quite excited about the turn out because for two parents who don't watch HGTV and are clueless about the ways of decorating.... I think it turned out looking pretty good!
Here's the before. I did some without flash because even though I'm not a photographer I feel that gives you the reality of the coloring in a shot. Listen to that! Can someone publish that?
So Here's a large before shot (without color diffusing flash) and then a couple more smaller pics from other parts of the room.
And now for the moment you've all been waiting for.... THE REVEAL (cue applause)
We thought it would turn it pretty hodge-podge but after we got done, I thought it all pulled together real nicely! We used the leftovers of the blue paint to paint his letters on the wall and his bookshelf and we found the car decals and pictures at Target and Hobby Lobby. A decorator has to LOVE Hobby Lobby. We got everything 50% off! Now I would just like to find curtains...
I'll give you an update on Dawson real quick while I'm at it- When I got home from Bible Study last night Jason had already put Dawson to bed (after fighting him with decongestant drops and motrin). He slept until about midnight and we did another round of drops. That poor nose is really clogged! When I left this morning at 7:00 he was still asleep! He made it through the night from midnight till 7:30. Thanks to all of you who love Dawson and have been praying for him!


Aunt Diana said...

This is just adorable - a little boy's dream with all the car decals & pictures! You guys did an awesome job! I especially love Dawson's name on the wall - too cute! I'm sure he'll have fun in his "cool" newly decorated room!

Holly said...

Awesome room! Good job, Mommy and Daddy!

Dani said...

Are you sure you don't watch HGTV? I think it looks great!! I like the colors. Does Dawson like it? The urge to decorate must be in the air. Now, I am just going to have to go home and stick something new up on one of my walls. :)

I hope Dawson is feeling better. He looks pretty roughed up. Poor kid. :(

I miss you!! We are going to have to get together soon. Any thoughts on having a slumber party?

Anonymous said...

Awesome Dawson has an Awesome Room! Grammy & Grammpy just love it. Great job Mom and Dad.

Angela said...

The room looks great! I'm inspired! :)