Friday, January 18, 2008

Dawson Update:

I went into panic mode today while at work because I had been worried about Dawson and the fact that his nasal passages were occluded. (Can you tell I've been reading too much?) I called Jason up, and I cried "What if Dawson has a septal hematoma?" *sob, sob, sob. He's thinking "what?" But he tells me it's okay and if I really want to take Dawson to Redi-Med and have him looked at, go ahead, to at least calm my fears and stop my tears. So I did. In we go and I pour out my heart to the poor nurse who's just trying to take Dawson's temperature. (He had no temperature by the way). Then the doctor comes in and takes a look at him. Dawson wouldn't let him look up his nose while he was sitting on my lap so I had to make him lay on the patient table. Begin the screams and tears and thrashing. (By Dawson, not by me). Soon enough the doctor was done and said his nose is just swollen, but there's no hematoma and his difficulty breathing is most likely sickness which looks viral so just keep doing what we're doing! Run-on sentence!
And I nearly had a breakdown right there in the doctor's office because I was so relieved. Amazing how much ease of mind and heart you can get just by hearing a doctor say "he's fine".
He does have a black eye though. But it's not occluded. Because that's not possible.


Anonymous said...

"occluded"...what does that mean. Oh boy, my wifey and her big medical words! But I sure do love her!

Dani said...

Oh Joyous... even in the serious times you still keep your sense of humor. You crack me up. :) I really hope Dawson feels better soon.