Monday, January 21, 2008

What do YOU do?

When it's cold outside...
This is what we do.
Because we get bored.
Believe it or not, Dawson put the underwear on his own head!


Anonymous said...

yikes! dawson must really love his mommy and daddy if he still let you guys hold him looking like that!! ;-) dawson's face is really healing up nicely! Me too glad that he's not occluding!
have a great week!!

Joy said...

Just in case,-
These pictures aren't recent. These were taken a month or so ago, so he has no black eye or broken nose in these pictures. I haven't taken anymore pictures of him since the accident. Maybe I should take some "follow-up" shots.

Dani said...

Ummmm... Joy... you play with underwear for fun? I often worry about you.

Boxers or Briefs? I guess now we never have to wonder. Ha ha!

Conrad girls said...

Okay, you guys are due for a serious vacation! Wow - we thought we did some weird things here in Cleveland when we got bored - but the taped faces - well, that's just disturbing - go see a counselor!!! (that's a line from High School Musical) - ha, LOL! Very creative though - maybe you can market this as a new line of scary Halloween faces.

The Bigelows said...

hey! why didn't we get to do this when we were over on friday?????? :)