Friday, January 11, 2008


Just before Christmas some friends of ours called and wanted to come over and bring Jim’s pizza.
 This is a picture of Jim’s pizza after being nearly completely devoured. Jim’s pizza is a delicacy. Known only to those few who have had the pleasure of living in, or near, Jollyville Indiana where we are all from. Which is why we feasted on this greasy monstrosity with our friends, the lurkers when they came over. These friends of ours are great.

But they are LURKERS. Well.. used to be. And I told them so myself when they came…

See, they openly confessed to reading this blog but never posting any comments. *gulp* I know. That was my reaction too. So I picked on them the whole night and called them lurkers. Now all that has changed. Because not too long after that I was reading the comments on my blog and found this:

-The male side of the lurkers said…
I hope you and your family had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We wish we could’ve hung out with you, but we couldn’t find the time as were continuously on the go! Thanks for hanging out with a couple of weeks ago! –The Two Lurkers

And this:

-The femaile side of the lurkers said…
Here is my buckeye recipe, although yours were delicious! 4c powdered sugar, 1tsp vanilla, 1 and ½ c creamy peanut butter, ½ c margarine; mix well and roll into balls. 6oz choco chips, 2 Tb solid shortening; melt together and dip balls into it with a toothpick. Cool and store. Hope you had a great Christmas!!—The Two Lurkers

Aha! Thoroughly ashamed of their lurking status, they rose to the occasion! Great job guys!
And this is how we have been able to remain associated with our friends, the lurkers.

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