Monday, January 7, 2008

Incident Report!

I received this last Friday when I came to pick Dawson  up from daycare.
Sooo… Heather, Dawson’s daycare teacher said she couldn’t tell me who he bit and that she tried to talk to him about it but it didn’t seem to register. However, Jan the director, stopped in and she talked to him. So yesterday I went to Jan’s office…

Me: (say with panicky voice) Jan! Dawson bit somebody! Is it true? Have I procreated a violent angry child? (I didn’t say any of that, but it creates drama which sets the mood. What I really said was): “Well, I heard Dawson had a bad day on Friday”.

Jan: Oh really, what happened?

Me: Well, Heather told me that Dawson bit another student.

Jan: Oh yeah, that… I went and talked to him about it. I just looked at him as though I was appalled and said “Dawson! What did you do?!” and he burst into tears. (awwww) Then I told him that biting is not nice and I showed him the bite mark on the other child and told him to say sorry and he did. I could tell he was really remorseful for what he did. I had to explain to Heather that you just have to look as though you are mortified that they did something like that or else they won’t listen. *editors note: Heather looks like an elf. I probably wouldn’t’ be able to listen to her either) After that, things were all better.

Me: I really hope he bit the kid that has bitten him 5 or 6 times now! (okay, that’s what I was thinking) Well, I really hope he doesn’t start biting now. I was worried about that due to all the times he has been bitten by other toddlers here, because of course, Jason and I don’t bite Dawson at home… (I really did say that and she laughed).

Jan: Well, you know, biting is common among toddlers, along with hitting and shoving when they become frustrated about things. I definitely think he realized what he did was bad, and it won’t become a problem.

Me: Can we keep this hush hush? Because when he’s famous someday, people will use this against him.

I’ve had to punish Dawson a few times since then when I thought he was going to bite. But he wasn’t actually biting. I was just trying to nip it in the bud. But it hasn’t been a regular occurrence. If he does this again though, I’m calling supernanny. And I’m telling her it’s Jason’s fault.

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