Friday, January 4, 2008


Have you ever watched the movie “Nacho Libre”? If not you will not understand the title to this post which is dedicated to my absolute favorite sister-in-law, Jenessa. Seestur is the Spanish pronunciation for the word “sister”. I have other if you’d like me to keep going. The first time Jason and I watched that movie, at least a year ago, we thought it was so dumb we didn’t even finish it. While Jenessa stayed with us over Christmas break, she had us rent it and we watched it 4 times, once including the commentary and we laughed out loud. Ahh it was so fun having her come and stay with us!
 We went to Ft Wayne at least 3 times during the course of her stay because Kendallville is so boring that even stray dogs choose Ft Wayne over that town. (better scraps). We went to WalMart about 3 times and Meijer once because we wanted to compare prices. (provides great entertainment. You should try it). We watched movies. Jenessa fell asleep while we watched movies because Jason wanted to watch Shark Week and Blue Planet. Jenessa suggested that we watch “prehistoric shark” from ‘shark week’ but prehistoric sharks don’t speak with Hispanic accents and don’t wear Napoleon Dynamite boots, so we both got bored. –you’ll have to ask jason about the time he made a kid cry because he was making fun of napoleon dynamite boots. OH and we ate all the time and laughed a lot! I miss her already. I cried when she had to leave.
Jenessa made us some really yummy artichoke dip. She gave me the recipe. I bet you want it. Maybe I’ll make it and get a picture of it and then give it to you.
In case you’re reading this seestur, I miss you!

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