Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring Clean

I'm having an irresistible urge to get all of my old pictures posted so that I can have my Dawson picture folder all cleaned out ready for new pics. Maybe spring is coming and this is my spring cleaning urge. Better used here, than at home. Not really. So guess what. I'm cleaning out my Dawson picture folder! There are 23 pictures here ladies and gents. But not without stories! Peruse at your leisure. Peruse... I should have been a journalist.
After Dawson bumped his nose He was cuddley. I liked it. Now he's not. He also went through this stage where he would simply lay down and nap anywhere. Hence the reason behind these pics we took of him laying down between the tv and the speaker.
I wanted to be my own creative barista and make a peppermint mocha with sprinkles. This is it.

Yes. I'm available for hire.
I have to move all of our pillows off the floor to sweep the living room. So Dawson found them laying on the kitchen floor and got cozy.

Peek-a-boo! He has great talent.
We were given snow boots by a friend. They were hand-me-downs. But Dawson didn't like them.
I think they accent his red p.j.'s
After Christmas when he got all of his car toys he went through this phase where he had to be playing with them all at once.
Many times I found them all lined up somewhere and I thought it was funny so I took pictures.

Other times I'd find him playing in unsual places...

I love this pictures because he looks all grown up. He had just discovered pockets.
I dropped my headband I had been wearing and I found out Dawson knew what to do with it. And it made me laugh!
Jason's cousin Brianna (Princess Bri from my links) owns this hat. Her sister Kelsey was taking pictures of Dawson with it on. Isn't he a little German doll?
I read a t-shirt in Wal-Mart yesterday while were grocery shopping that said :A German child is called a kraut. A bratty German child is a saur kraut. Ha!
These final pics were taken 2 weeks ago just before we left for San Diego. Dawson was terribly sick and come to find out I had bronchitis! 
If you look real closely at this pic, he has honey all over in his hair. ugh.
Even while Dawson was sick he kept saying one thing over and over again- "I ride school bus". Because he rode the charter bus on our jv ski trip that we went on. He thought it was a school bus.
I made him say it for me on video. Aren't I a good mom?


Angela said...

What a cutie. He needs a little bro or sis! :)

Gloria said...

Thanks for posting all the cute pictures! It sure helps me with the Grammy blues..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he gets that Travel Bug from our DAD!! :) It starts with only one small bus....

Aunt B-