Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not Yet

We just got back from San Diego California. (more on that to come sometime this week!) My mom watched Dawson while we were gone. I left Dawson at her house as a baby. When we arrived to pick him up, he was a toddler! I was only gone from him for 4 days! He's saying all kinds of things! For instance: I asked him the other night if he was ready to go night-night. His response; "not yet". NOT YET?! Who taught him that. He can't say not yet. He has to go to bed! Now what do I do? I shouldn't have asked him I guess. So now I don't ask. I tell him. On another occasion I was yelling across the room to him "Dawson!" And he says "what". WHAT. That's what he said. Like he's the grown-up. Last night he wanted me to play at his little activity table with him. So he yells out to the hallway "Mommy, come here!" *sigh.* What did my mom do? She must have talked to him while we were gone.
Before we left, Jason was teaching Dawson how to give me a wedgy. 
Naughty! I disapprove of this action by the way.
So I taught Dawson how to spit in Jason's food. just kidding.

I'm just not ready for Dawson to be older. I think the fact that he turned 2 didn't hit me so hard because I was so focused on the fact that we were heading to California without him. A fact that caused me to cry for 2 days straight before we left and the first 2 days we were gone! But I checked in everyday. Mom had everything under control. Grandma's are good like that. AND come to find out, my mom taught Dawson about heaven. And now he wants to go. I told him he could go someday but NOT YET.


Kelsey said...

Awww...thats so cute-he wants to go to heaven! But tell him that we said he can't go yet either!!! So Jason taught Dawson how to give wedgies?!? thats bad...ha!

Angela said...

Yeah--their little answers are starting to freak me out, too. The other day Addie took her hair barrett out, so when I noticed it was missing and found it, I tried to put it back in. This is what she told me: "I don't want it." Excuse me?!

Anonymous said...

Look out! The other day I found myself talking like Corbin; his answer as a toddler was, "Maybe". Now, that's a response for EVERYTHING if ever there was one! How did he know to tell me "maybe" every time I asked him something? Well, now I use that all the time myself!! It gets you out of a LOT!!

Aunt B-