Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Spy

Can you find the differences between these 2 pictures?
I remember growing up reading this magazine called Highlights. I believe it's still around because I see them every now and then when I'm at the doctor's office. The magazine always had one page devoted to finding the differences in the pictures. I am especially good at that. I should've been in the FBI. Or been a profiler. Higlights magazine should put an application somewhere on the inside flap for that.
Have you found the differences yet? Let me help you.
There you have it. We found curtains for his room. And our friends, the lurkers, sent Dawson this rug for his room after they found out about his little incident at daycare when he hurt his nose. They felt bad. Dawson sure loves the rug!
Our neighbor, Rhubarb, made a special blanket for Dawson that we have hanging up in his room. This picture is her and her son, neither of whom wanted their picture taken. Too bad.
She also made these pillows to match.
The producers of Evan Almighty called and asked us if they could use these pillows for props in their movie. Not really.

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The Flick Family said...

i thought you were going away. when are you going? i was just thinking yesterday, no joy blogs for a while! but then there was a comment on my blog! yeah! i miss you too. when are we going to see each other again?