Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday DAWSON!

Today is Dawson's Birthday! He's 2 years old! Augh!
Of course this year we had a CARS theme. Here's the birthday cake.
He couldn't figure out the concept of the candles. He just wanted the car. That car must feel loved.
Time to open presents!
Jason and I gave him a L. McQueen card that plays music.That we will hear over and over again.
We celebrated his birthday at my mom's house. It's closer for everyone.
Then it was back home to open presents from Grammy G, Grandpa and Aunt Nessa!
He fell asleep on the way home. He gets nappy hair when he sleeps.
Get away from me! I couldn't force him to pose with the shirt. hmph.
Aunt Nessa had the hit of the day with a *drum roll please* remote controlled Mater.
He had to bring Mater and his cars with him to get his pj's on: