Friday, February 8, 2008

Summer Olympics 2018

Winner of the Olympic gold medal in the freestroke division
Every Thursday at 9:45 Dawson's class goes swimming. So this Thursday I finally made it a point to go and get pictures and video of him. They are sooooo cute! All of them just clinging to their noodle for all they're worth.


Anonymous said...

awww...Dawson is just such a good little swimmer! How cute! I bet one day he really can win a gold metal in the olympics!!! (woo-hooo, i'll be related to a person who won the olympics! how cool is that?)ha

Gloria said...

Ah, Dawson sure is quite the little water baby. His Daddy took swimming lessons at the Y when he was 9 months old, and not even walking. Dawson is a much better swimmer than his Daddy!
Grammy G

Anonymous said...

Wow, sometimes I want to be in daycare and go to the pool and do crafts and stuff... It didn't exist when I was Dawson's age. I don't know who is braver, Dawson or the female maniacs who take 20 toddlers to the pool at once. He sure is the cutest, though!

Auntie B-

Anonymous said...

I just read the rest of your recent posts and commented about the snow one, so don't miss that. The fun day was Dawson crying about wanting cookies; obviously he could have cared less if they were Santa's Head or Pumpkins. But I love the chance to see him in live action - that is so COOL!! And, we will always have fond memories of him helping wih the chores when he was 2 and wanting to actually BE like his parents; such a short-lived time in their little lives... :)

You are always so funny, Joy, I love to read your comments about things like Starbucks! Someone told me the other day that I should have written comedy, after a note I sent them, but you've got me beat by a mile.

Aunt B-

Dani said...

Ummm... Joy... the summer olympics are this year, which means the next summer games will be in 2012 and the next in 2016 and then 2020, so is Dawson going to hold his own summer olympics in 2018 since he is so good? And way cute by the way -- such a little stud. Maybe he should be a synchronized swimmer since he can keep his head so still while his little legs are motoring around under water. Very impressive. I think I see gold in his future for sure!

Also, I think you should hire him a private synchronized swimming coach. You don't want to waste his talent. And convenient for you -- I can swim AND dance! Well, I could before I started growing a huge baby inside of me. Now I would probably just sink. June though... I'm available.

Love Ya and Miss Ya!!

jenn said...

ha! loved your olympics reference! and you even went the extra length to find and add the olympic symbols! that is great and made me laugh!! definitely a good break from work! wow! dawson is quite the athlete :). too fun!