Monday, April 14, 2008

Dawson and interpretive dance

Churches, -he's for hire. Shoot, they both are!
Here is a video clip of Dawson and his first time painting! He got this paint book for Easter.
And lastly, this picture is dedicated to Miss Pink. It's of Dawson in the TENT we made him. -In our home, with a big blanket and chairs. I'm sitting in it with him and he looks happy, yet... slightly doped up somehow. We also shut off all the lights and gave him his toy lantern that lights up. We are cool parents.

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Anonymous said...

Dawson is a natural at interpretive dancing!(he has a good teacher tho!)haha. My mom reminded me of when we used to put up blankets and make tents...then we bought a plastic micky mouse tent. That didn't last too long tho, we used it 24/7!! :)