Monday, April 28, 2008

Explosive Poop

I am really hoping that if people get online today and decide to google "explosive poop" that this blog post will pop up. But then I thought, why would anyone be online googling "explosive poop"?
As a side note... I'm not so sure my college buddies will be real thrilled about having their lovely names and pictures brought up in my post under the title "explosive poop" but I like to keep things fresh, innovative, fun. So I'm sure they'll get over it. And those who have blogs and want to do the same will probably post theirs under something like, "Joy is no longer my friend".
On Saturday a bunch of us college friends got together for a little reunion. It was so good to get together and I actually got to meet the kids of some for the very first time and vice versa. I've never liked the second half of that word: versa. We had initially planned to meet at a park, which we did, but it felt like we were letting our children play in Antartica because it was so cold that day. Proof here:
Look what else I found at the park:
Some of you have wondered what I do for a living. This is not it.
Needless to say, it was too cold to stay at the park with the kids so we moved the play date to this wonderful place with CHOCOLATE!
Do you see how nervous Dawson is about us getting ready to take a bite out of that 8 layer cake?
There was also a kiddy play land inside. I do believe Dawson eventually had fun playing there. While I was out scoping the plethora of chocolate selections, Dawson got stuck up in the tunnel of the play area. He got scared and started crying so Jason had to climb up the claustrophobic winding stairs, through the even more claustrophobic tunnel and rescue our son. But I did get us some yummy chocolates..
Dawson was also scared of the talking M&M.
I'm thinking maybe it was nap time...
Before we left I was determined that we all get our picture taken together.
Let's see...
Michelle begat Camilla and -wait a minute. This isn't the Bible.
Are any of you wondering what any of this has to do with explosive poop? Well, while the other mommies fed their children healthy, nutritious meals, Jason and I fed Dawson McDonald's. (Please no Supersize Me comments for those of you who have watched that documentary. gross.) When we were about home Dawson started squirming around in his carseat saying "Mommy, I poopy!". And he was. We could smell it. When we get in the door I had my hands full so I just told him to follow me down to his room to change him. However, I didn't see the little trail of fun he was leaving behind as he followed me. That's right, he was leaving a little trail of poop all the way down the hallway. It ran down his leg, onto his foot and then to the floor. *sigh*.
This is a little something special for you girls who didn't have to leave as early as Jason and I did. This was what we got to see on our drive home.
Is anyone else disturbed by a dancing chicken?...


Anonymous said...

So sorry about the poop...but we did have a great time there! Can't wait til our next get together!!!!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

(Do I win a prize because I left the first comment????Ha ha)

Anonymous said...

explosive poop is my middle name!

- Jason

Gloria said...

Ah,what a fun class reunion. Such beautiful mommies and cute kids!

Too bad Dawson's explosive poop didn't happen when you saw the joy johns!

How funny, the talking M&M - guess Dawson would NOT be ready for Disneyland yet.


Holly said...

Poop is a natural, God-given talent, so I don't mind sharing space with such a title.
Great to see you and everyone else!!!

Kristin said...

Okay so let's see... I went to Bethel... I'm a mommy... I ROOMED WITH THREE OF YOU IN THE PICTURE... why wasn't I invited? Ha ha! Kidding. Looks like you had fun!

Angela said...

Only your family would have such an "explosive poop" story! :) Have you starting singing the poop goes in the potty song? :)

The Bigelows said...

way jealous of your big college friend reunion! it sounds like a great time! :)

Anonymous said...

k so i did google explosive poop. what's it to ya?