Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Neighbor

We have a little neighbor boy that we sometimes get thoroughly annoyed with. I’d say he’s a late 4 year old. (Doesn't that make him sound so mature?). He rides a little PowerWheels 4-wheeler up and down our drive way entrance, stopping real fast and leaving black skid marks everywhere. Then he brags to his little 4 year old neighbor buddies that it’s so easy and to “just watch him”! He also takes no heed when Jason and I get home and are ready to go up the driveway. He's doing doughnuts, happy as can be, so we have to wait and wait to pull into the garage. Why do we say "pull in?" I don't understand that. THEN he proceeds to drive the devil 4-wheeler around in our front yard which Jason has spent many, many hours seeding, and reseeding and watering and loving and singing to. (not really on the singing part but I wanted to make the abomination of the little neighbor boy driving his monstrosity of a 4-wheeler through our yard more evil in the eyes of all 10 of my readers). He also has a big chocolate lab that follows him around and poops on our new little grass sprouts. No! No! *sigh. Poor little grass sprouts.
One night Dawson is playing with his cars at the windowsill like he usually does. I’m busying myself with matronly things around the house such as watching tv and painting my toenails. Actually at this particular time I know I was in the kitchen because I kept hearing talking, and Dawson knocking on the window. So I went over to check and see what he was doing…
This is what I found:
(it's getting darker...)
But here’s the deal. The neighbor boy wouldn’t leave. So I closed the blinds. No I’m kidding. I yelled through the window that Dawson had to go night-night and the neighbor is just looking at us, like, why?? And I’m waving at him and Dawson is just smiling away. And not too long after little mr. 4-wheeling happy rider hops on his ride and drives home. He’s a good kid. I think. Really, I don't know. But that's the story of the day the little neighbor came to the window.

Totally off the subject…
I was just noticing-You know how industrial paper towel dispensers always tell you to use 2 hands to pull on the paper towels? Well I don’t ever use two hands. And the paper towel always rips. So maybe I should use two hands from now on. Or maybe I should tell our business department to “go green” and purchase a blower like they use in the movie theaters. Except that those stupid things always take 10 minutes to get my hands dry and by then I have to pee again. And I always have to push the start button with my elbow because I don’t want to get it wet. Why is that?
Thank you and have a good day.


Kelsey Kakes said...

Awww...Dawson's got a buddy! thats too funny...hey, that rhymed!! I thought you were searious when you said that you closed the blinds on him...I guess I didn't see the part where you said just kidding! That would be really mean!!! I don't use two hands for paper towels eaither, but my paper towels usually don't rip. Oh well. Yes, dryers do take a LONG time to dry your hands...I know what you mean!

The Bigelows said...

please no more suggestions on going green. haven't you seen the millions of dollars we've saved thanks to energy ed! :) just shake'em like a polaroid picture and let'em air dry! :)

Anonymous said...

awwww..... i remember making little neighbor friends! Actually, not really b/c we had no little kids by us when we were little. Our neighborhood is filled w/ mostly old people.haha. It's good Dawson has a lil neighbor friend!:)How cute!!

Angela said...

I'm catching up on your birthday! and let's get together so you can make homemade pizza with that yummy looking crust and we can have strawberry shortcake (perhaps my all-time favorite treat). :) love ya!