Monday, April 21, 2008

Pizza Crust Recipe is here.

Here is the recipe for the yummy pizza crust:
-1 pkg yeast -2tsp sugar
-2C warm water -2Tb olive oil
-2 tsp salt -5C flour
*mix yeast in warm water until dissolved. mix flour, salt & sugar. Add olive oil and yeast/water mixture. Stir until combined. Let stand 5 minutes. Knead mixture. Let stand 5 more minutes.
Spray pizza pan (I used a pizza stone) w/cooking spray. Spread dough out.
Bake @ 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.
*NOTE: Jason saved my pizza dough because it's all sticky when you try to spread it out on the pizza stone. So I panicked. But he grabbed enough flour to tame the shrew and all was well with the world. I still did all the hard work. hmph.
I overheard this conversation yesterday between Jason and Dawson as they were walking down the hallway to Dawson's bedroom:

Jason: Let's go change your stinky poopy diaper.

Dawson: NO! I don't wanna change poopy diaper!!!!

Jason: Well, you shouldn't have pooped then.

So in to todays issue of Homemade by Joy...

My friend Ashley was talking about making strawberry shortcake, and who is the queen of copying ideas? Well I am. All day long I plotted at work as to how I was going to go to Walmart, buy the strawberries, bisquick, and cool whip and go home and create a most beautiful masterpiece of strawberry shortckae... the likes of which none other can compare in the world. But the above pictures were the best I could do. But hey! The strawberries were only 98 cents per container! Can't beat that. I'm going to bet Rachel Ray pays more for hers. This recipe is so easy and can be found on the back of the Bisquick box so I won't bother reciting it on this post. But boy was it oh so yummy. Even Jason said so. Though I'm the boss.

And if you'll flip to page 157 of this great issue you'll find my recipe for:

This one I got from my friend Mindy, whom I called this weekend panicked wanting to know what kind of yeast to use! She came to my aid and below you will see the beautifully sculpted crust of a succulent pizza. Notice my use of alliteration. That's why people buy my magazine.
Actually, let's do this... if you really are interested in hearing how to make this yummy crust for the pizza, just leave a comment. Then I will come back and post the recipe tomorrow. Do you want to know how I remember to spell the word tomorrow? I learned this little secret in 1st grade. You split the word up. tom. or. row. See? Never again will you be caught misspelling that fantastic word. I gotta say, I'm rocking the adjectives on this post.
Add the pizza sauce...
Doctor it up with all kinds of mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and I threw in a few hand sliced green olives for color!
And.. the funny thing is I was so stinking hungry by the time it was finished that I forgot to take the picture before cutting it up. So here's half of it!
In next's issue of Homemade by Joy
  • peanut butter and jelly made with love
  • spicing up your food life!
  • Put it in the dishwasher (life lessons for husbands who won't clean up)


kaylaaimee said...

that looks so great! my homemade pizza was a mess- so jealous!!

Anonymous said...

So was that pizza yummy, sista? It looks good. Thanks for making me want to break my SOUTH BEACH DIET. Can you make one with a whole grain, whole wheat crust next that it won't be so far out of reach of my permissable cravings?

Anonymous said...

my wife forgot to tell how her husband saved her pizza crust from the pits of despair! Yeah...I've watched one too Saturday morning cooking shows on PBS! - hubs

Dani said...

Lose the green olives and I am so totally there!

Was there some sort of sugar involved when writing this post? You sound a bit hyper. It cracks me up really -- you write how you talk, which I love. As Kate would say, "Oh Joy, she's so funny!" It's so true. :)

aunt diana said...

yummm - that pizza looks delicious! Pass on the recipe - I'm dying to make one now!

aunt diana said...

So, I'm curious - how did Jason save the pizza crust from the pits of despair?

Kelsey Kakes said...

O my goodness - that pizza looks AMAZING!!!! I want some right NOW!!! Those strawberry shortcakes look pretty good too:)

Anonymous said...

I'm soooooo making that pizza this weekend!!! yumm yumm!!! :)