Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No hug for you!

Saturday I had the opportunity to get together with my friend Mindy. We were roomies in college. And I told her I was going to make her wait another week before I post our get together because she commented about how I didn't. But I changed my mind. Instead, I'm going to post a picture of her with no makeup on. JUST KIDDING MINDY! Acutally, I had a nice picture of my butt crack but I decided against posting it on the blog. The blog police might track me down and swipe their visa in it or something.
As you can see by this lovely picture before the motion started I had two content toddlers sitting in my lap. I was reading them a book, but Dawson was determined to turn the pages and Cora was determined to slide the little door hiding the numbers back and forth and Dawson kept pushing Cora's hand out of the way and finally Cora got fed up and left. I don't blame her. I tried my best to appease both parties but.... failed.
Since Cora was finished with the shananigans I decided to take pictures of her cute little expressions. Here she is saying "You cant' fool me. I know my mom didn't give you my Charlotte's Web movie" Phsaw...
Here she's saying. "Don't mess with me when I want a hug."
Look at those beautiful blue eyes though!
Here they are both intent on whatever item they are holding. Dawson, what are you holding? Of course, no one wants to know what I subjected myself to in order to get the picture of them both looking up at the same time.
They both wanted the balloon and ended up breaking the string in half. Such violence these days!
I think the big problem of the day was that Dawson wouldn't let Cora hug or touch him. He was like the hug nazi or something. (Hence the reason for the title of this post). Cora was so sweet and cute and tried her best to give him a hug and he said "I want to go home". And he broke little Cora's heart. She flung herself to the ground and when I asked if she was okay she sobbed! So Mindy scooped her up and comforted her while I gave Dawson the "look what you've done" look... But I have to admit that I absolutely thought the display of drama on Cora's part was so stinking cute that I still giggle when I think about it. And I have doubled up the doses on hugs and affection determined to make Dawson a lover, not a fighter. Here is evidence of my plight:


jenn said...

first, love your comment on my make me laugh! secondly, i always enjoy reading your posts as they are so detailed that i always feel like i am in a action filled story. too fun!

The Flick Family said...

hey!!! i showed peanut the videos on your blog and she loved them. she loved so much in fact that she tried to hug the screen. i think she loves dawson! he is just playing hard to get. he wouldn't hug her from the computer screen. she keeps holding her arms out to the screen now. too funny.

Dani said...

Isn't the girl the one who is supposed to play hard to get? Perhaps you should explain this to Dawson. :) They are both too cute!!

Miss you and hope to see you next week!