Monday, May 5, 2008

Do I Like Jell-o?

3 snaps and a hoorah to the first person who can tell me what movie that quote is from.

This past weekend Dawson gave me an "aha" moment. Actually, it was more like a "hmmm. I wonder how I should feel about this" moment.... On my way to work on Friday, I was actually running a little early even though I had Dawson with me. So I decided to pull in to Starbucks to order my usual. The moment I pulled into the parking lot headed for the drive-thru Dawson yelled out "Coffee!". Seriously. Had he been there with me that many times before? But the worst one was this. And it just happened yesterday. We were on our way to a church where Jason had to do some presentations. He stopped at a gas station and I asked him to get me a cappucino. (I know one other person who shares my love for gas station cappucino's *Ashley*) Jason got back in the Jeep and handed me my cappucino, after which Dawson promptly yelled out "Mocha!" what?! Oh yes he did. I'm ashamed. My 2 year old son knows what a mocha is. Despite the fact that my Starbuck's addiction can get a little pricey, I began reflecting on these 2 lovely events and decided...
No More Starbucks... when Dawson is in the car with me.

Here is a picture of Dawson with my shoes on. I personally believe they still look better on me.
Overheard this morning between Jason and Dawson while Jason was putting him in his carseat:
(Dawson was determined that he would snap his seatbelt restraints)

Dawson: No daddy! I do it! Let me do it! I do it Daddy!

Jason: Yes Dawson, you're in charge. I'm just the helper.

... I wish I had gotten that one on tape.
Let me leave you with a few clips of what we do for fun in the Wilkins' household...
The second clip will be of particular interest to Greg & Gloria.


Anonymous said...

I hope that first video doesn't land me a hot seat on the Dr. Phil show! - Jason

The Bigelows said...

1. the first video CRACKED me up.
2. i really felt like i had already seen the second video of dawson painting....
3. i forgot to mention in your college reunion pic....i really liked your hair. i even clicked to enlarge it to make sure - great hair day.

Angela said...

Thanks for the great laughs with video 1. I really want my children to be around a pillow-throwing man?! :)

Dani said...

The movie: While You Were Sleeping!!!

Ooooraaahhh! I went straight for the prize. :)

And now... my comments. Y'all crack me up. Great job on the blog Joy! You always make me laugh.

Oh, and at least your husband only flings pillows at his kids. Mine always talks about the hockey fights he can't wait to have with Baby Buckle someday. Ha ha.

Miss you!!

jenn said...

ha! i'm a starbucks addict too :). and the videos were too cute!!! it was a great tuesday morning laugh...good way to start the day :).

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

oh my goodness...I Dawson has the cutest laugh!! The first video made me crack up!! I think Dawson loks pretty good in your shoes...haha!