Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Mayor of Daycare

Jason said when he came to pick Dawson up from the Y the other day that Dawson was in such a good mood, he trotted down the hallway ahead of him to go out just waving and saying goodbye to everyone he passed. When I got home Jason wanted to share the story with me because he thought it was so funny, so he began by saying, “Yeah, our son is the mayor of daycare”…

And now it’s time for:
7 Random Things
(you can stop jumping up and down now)
*editors note: when I was trying to think of some of my own Jason says “of course you will think of some, you are the most random person I know”. Great.

Jason:1. In 4th grade at summer camp I got asked out for my first time and I asked where we would go, because… how could we leave camp? So her friends had to explain.

2. I have a keen eye for crooked art on the wall. I have a very strong urge to fix it!
3. All radio volume has to be set at even numbered increments.
4. I once swam in the Amazon with piranah’s. true story. My dad was catching them on the other side of the boat while I swam
5. I am obsessed with ocean life.
6. I never knew midgets could drive until I saw one when I was in a Taco Bell drive thru
7. I can make a woman’s sports bra from men’s underwear. Email me for instructions.
Joy:1. I sometimes think with my finger on my nose
2. I pluck out my mole hair on my chin with my thumb and ring finger. *see random story regarding this below…
3. I put salt and pepper on my French toast. NO syrup!
4. I like the sound made when you pop open a can of pepsi.
5. I had second degree burns on my feet from a youth trip to Florida. I even had a doctor’s note permitting me to go to work barefoot everyday for a week.
6. We had milk snakes in the ceiling of our house growing up. I could see and hear them slither sometimes at night where the tile had fallen down and there was only plastic remaining.
7. I have a recurring dream about tornadoes. There are several of them headed toward my old house where I grew up and I always run to find shelter in my neighbor’s cellar who lived up the hill. (those same neighbors still live in that house).

*mole hair story:
One time I was doing some bathroom business (not in “Joy’s Johns”! -at home) reading a book when Dawson came barging in. I had a sweatshirt on with the hood strings hanging down. Dawson reached up and I thought he was going grab the string from my hood. Instead he was reaching for my chin mole hair. No joke. It depressed me for 2 days. Dawson even sees my chin mole hair. How will I ever be a model?


♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

Jason swam in the Amazon with piranah's...are you searous?? Wow. and how did he learn how to make sports bras out of underware??? Im not sure if I want to know...haha. EW-why did you have snakes in your house? That would totally freak me out!

michelle said...

I too have a mole with a hair...on my cheek. But I have to use tweezers! And a few months ago, I found a 1+ inch long white hair on my chin! I ran to my husband and yelled at him because surely he would have noticed it at some point and I was furious that he didn't tell me about it! He claimed innocence and helped me pluck it but wouldn't stop laughing about it. So I hit him! (It must have been the pregnancy hormones! ha ha!)

michelle said...

oh...and isn't that Jason's second reference to "midgets"? To be politically correct, they're "little people!" But you can call my husband a midget anyday (5' 1"...with shoes on!)!

Dani said...

Snakes?!! Seriously?!! I absolutely hate snakes... and mice. For a short period when I was a kid, we had some wretched mice living in the attic right above my bed. I could hear them up there scratching at night. At 8 years old, I was convinced that they were going to chew their way through the ceiling and fall right on me. I would cry about it, of course, until my dad would come in my room and bang on the ceiling with a plastic wiffleball bat to make them scatter. Very traumatic. I still have nightmares. However, if it had been snakes above me -- good heavens, kill me now!

Holly said...

What do milk snakes look like? they actually sound kinda cute! Snakes are more afraid of people than we are of them, ya know...
I have serious concerns about your father-in-law's parenting skills. Who lets their son swim with piranas?!!??!???!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha....your guys' random facts make me crack guys are actually pretty Love the mole hair story, just too funny!!! :)haha