Monday, June 30, 2008

The Moped Gang

We have numerous middle-aged men in our vicinity who ride mopeds. By the looks of things, this is due, largely in part, to some violation of the law. Such as, but not limited to: drunken driving, driving with a suspended license, driving without insurance and the list could go on and on I'm sure. Actually, I'm only assuming that this list is equal to the crime of driving a moped. Will these crimes get your driving privelages taken away? Because if you're a middle aged man and you're reduced to driving a moped as your main source of transportation, that should be a crime. I think I have cousins in this predicament.
Of course this is all speculation.
But here's the kicker.
They also all wear hats and Carhart jackets. In the spring and summer. I don't understand this? Is this middle-aged man moped code? Is this a by-law?
And where are the women? There have to be women who have been sentenced with the same violations and yet I don't see any of them on mopeds. Maybe they sent their moped husbands out to get the job done?
In case you are ever in this situation, here is the most popular choice:
This has nothing to do whatsoever with the purpose of this post. My initial intention was to blog about my sisters. So I'll do that now instead.
If my sisters read this blog, they'd kill me for this. But they don't, so I'm in the clear. All except for my sister B who wouldn't kill me because she lives too far away and I can run faster than she can. That's not proven, but I bet I can.
There was one day we were all at our mom's house and just decided to do our hair.
This was a LONG time ago. Back when I was skinnier and had checkered shorts. And thought being more highlighted would be instant access to celebrities if they were ever in town.
This is what family is about right here. Even if you're brothers.
As you can plainly see, my sister's A and K are tanning queens and can tan for 20 minutes their first tanning day of the summer and look like a bronze goddess.
On the other hand, Me and my sister B, must start out at 3 minutes, carefully guarding our proneness to burn by jumping out of the tanning bed at the 2 minute 30 second mark if need be.
I don't even know how to end this post, it's so random.


jenn said...

yes, this is a very random post, but i wouldn't expect anything less. i might actually be disappointed if it weren't random :). loved the stories you shared about your sisters. family is amazing!!! and sister are fabulous. i think i could outrun my sister too, but i probably won't be embarrassing her anytime soon...well, not at the moment that is :). love ya lots..m.e.

Angela said...

You are random, but that's why I like you! :) Let's get together again! love ya!

Daisy Path said...

my dad rides a moped and has none of those crimes on his record. haha. wait, he doesn't have a record. :) i want sisters.
and yes, my 5 things was b/c you tagged me. :)