Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Our very talented and entertaining son at work:

Dawson got a harmonica from Grammy G and Grandpa Wilkins when they came out to visit. Since making it's way into our home, I've tried several times to get Dawson to play me the blues. He can't so I'm making him take lessons. Not really.
He does have nice form though, if this were the harmonica olympics:
I mean, he can play AND hold a toy motorcycle.
The video clip above is what Jason affectionately calls a "flippy-doo". When Jason refers to it, Dawson immediately knows what he's talking about and runs over to him ready to put his full trust of life in Jason's hands, knowing his daddy won't drop him on his head or cause any form of bodily injury. While mommy always thinks otherwise, of course

And speaking of Jason and his shenanigans, (that word has got to be Irish, which is why I like it) this is the latest installment of Dawson with a cereal box on his head.

Finally, what would this post be worth without something random splashed in?
Here are some very funky clouds we saw the other night after a storm. I think they look like they were painted. Monet or something. Not that I know anything whatsoever about art. So maybe it's not Monet. Besides, I pronounce it "monnet" to make art people mad.
Mommy making Dawson endure photo torture. A cruel punishment. For telling me a spider was gonna get me.
I think I want to get my hair colored like Dawson's. But with a better hair cut.


Anonymous said...

that's such a cute pic. of you and Dawson.

I would leave you a bigger comment but the sound on our computer (particularry on your blog) doesn't work. :( haha. those clouds are beautiful by the way!!

aunt diana said...

Well, Kelsey got the sound to work so we could hear the videos. Seeing how Dawson likes the "flippy doo" so much, I bet he'll love rides like the Raptor at Cedar Point (not Kings Island - sorry Jason - lol) when he gets bigger! Hey - I can't believe how blonde Dawson's hair is getting - what a cutie - blonde hair & blue eyes - watch out for the little girls who'll come running after him!!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

haha...it's funny how much Dawson loves the flippy doo!! that made me laugh:) and I'm liking his new style...wearing a cereal box on his head, I might try that one out;) ha! pretty pictures of those clouds!!