Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Little Rascal(s)

We're allowed to check out movies for free at our local library. Nice, but not too many options as far as selections go. I had found "The Little Rascals" -the black and white version of the old skits, (not a remake) on the shelf and decided to give it a go. Later that evening at bedtime we watched a few skits. The next evening Dawson repeatedly cried out "I watch wascals! I watch wascals!" So we watched a few more with him. I was teasing him later and said, "Are you my little rascal?" To which he quickly replied "No! I not wascal! I Dawson!" Of course it's much cuter to hear in person so I got video of him saying it. Notice the finger in the nose as the video starts.

Here I captured video of Dawson reading one afternoon. You really can't hear what he's saying, but I do believe most of it was Dawson language anyway.

I call this next one: Glutton for punishment. You can plainly hear us listening to old school Audio Adrenaline. And that is why we are awesome.

And now if I may conclude with the story of how my career as a wii playing fiend almost came to an abrupt end.
Jason and I were happily playing wii bowling. He was trash talking thinking he's all better than me because he can do this little spin with the remote at just the right moment and end with a strike. However, on this particular evening, my game was on. After about 3 strikes in a row I started busting out some cheerleading moves. (not recommended while playing wii sports). The next thing I know: WHAM! (emphasis on the wham for effect) I'm hit in the ankle with a wii remote so hard that I fall instantly to the floor in a flood of tears. Jason turned off the game and asked me what happened. I figured this is the punishment I deserve for all those college years of making fun of cheerleaders... Alas. Jason did feel really bad and even called my friend Steph to have her comfort me in my pain though I was balling like a baby and mad at him for making me talk to her on the phone, so he brought me strawberry cheescake. It hurt the rest of the night but the next morning there was not even a bruise. All that pain and no bruise. hmph.
After looking through the wii manual, I found no warning concerning cheerleading moves during wii bowling. So I'm wondering if I should inform them.

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♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

haha, that video of Jason pulling down Dawson's pants is too funny!! awww...i'm sorry about your ankle...looks like it really hurts...sounds like it too! don't you hate it when you get hurt and don't even get a bruise to say "look at should feel sorry for me right now". haha