Monday, August 4, 2008


Coming soon to a theater near you-
Colorado: The Vacation Documentary.
As it is at the moment, I don't have the pictures sorted through yet to know exactly what's going in my documentary. So you'll have to be happy hearing about my girl's night I had a couple of week's ago. Keep in mind I still suffer from chronological order disease.
4 of us girls -(one whom I met the day we got together) decided to opt for a girls' night out. A fifth friend joined us later. She is known as friend number 5. Because I think that sounds cool.
We began the night with bowling. I feel like that word 'bowling' should be a burnt color of orange and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because that's the color I'd choose for a league shirt.
Take a good long look at the pic of our feet. I'll be referring to that later on. Otherwise, that was a very clever shot, no?
This nice little bowling alley 15 year old was willing to take our picture... For a price. Not really for a price. It was because Carrie winked at him. She doesn't read this blog so she won't know I wrote that or that I'm lying unless Ang squeals on me. From left to right we have... Ang, Angie, Carrie and moi. You will notice right away that I'm holding the 6 pound ball. I do much better at wii bowling. When my husband isn't knocking me out with the controller.
Go Ang go! Look at the spin on that ball!
I'm about to do something I may regret when I'm older and wiser. I am going to publish my bowling score on the internet for all the world to see. Because we know all the world reads my blog. My score is the one at the very top beside the name Joy. Cuz that's my name.
I'm afraid the league I'm dying to become a part of may look at the score and cringe. But just give me a chance. I'll lift weights and one day I'll be able to roll a 7 pound ball at the speed of at least 12 mph. Really
Back to the feet.
If you paid close attention to the very first feet picture like I asked you to, you would have noticed that 2 of us girls had to wear shoes with no socks on. (is anyone getting a gag reflex right now?) Those two people were Ang and I. I didn't even think of bringing along socks. I don't bowl much. I can bowl barefoot at home while playing wii. Of course that's how I get beat up...
Anyway, aftward Ang and I were so grossed out by the idea that we headed straight for the restroom and washed our feet in the sink
There were no paper towels.
So we had to be creative and really take our time letting the blow drier do its business.

Finally, as the bowling came to an end, friend number 5 met us at Crazy Pinz to go find a place to eat. Eating is my specialty.
We chose Olive Garden. I could eat their breadsticks and salad all day everyday. Probably.
Notice I'm the only one leaning so far in that my whole chest is nearly resting on my plate. Guess I was afraid of being out of the picture? Hi Jenn! Friend number 5! Do you like that name? Because it makes me think of you as a superstar for some reason.
Maybe I'll make a movie some day and call it "Friend Number 5".
That's it for this jam session.


ashley said...

for some reason "friend number 5" makes me think of austin powers. and yes that is very sick that you wore bowling shoes sans socks. you sicko. that's completely why i avoided coming that night. if only i had known there would be breadsticks and salad...

jenn said...

wow, i am such a superstar with a name like friend number 5. i might actually go out and make me a shirt and wear it to our next outing! :). ha! what a great night. so glad you washed your feet, not sure i would have joined you if you didn't :). no, nothing really can keep me away from food :). let's get together again soon. i get to see ang on friday...i know you are jealous! love ya lots...friend number 5!