Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Naughty Bunny Rabbit

Dawson is learning how to "clean up" at daycare. (I am personally grateful for this little tidbit of help in rearing my child).
The other day I was in the bedroom getting ready for church. Most days Dawson is quite happy to play in the living room while I'm about my business doing my hair slathering on the lotions and creams (Jenessa, name the movie that quote is from) but on this day he was intent on playing in the bedroom where I was. At first he decided to drag out all of Jason's magazines that he has on his nightstand. Then he reads them. (By the time he is 3 he will know more about Jeeps then any other child in the U.S.). But THEN. Then I look over and I see this:
Guess he had all the Jeep knowledge he could attain for one day. He kept going until there was nothing left on the shelves in daddy's nightstand. We have no maid or nanny so who is left to clean up?
"Not I", said the mom.
"Not I", said the dad.
Dawson, -"Do work son".
(Steph, what movie is that quote from?)
Yep. I asked him to clean up. And he really did a great job... as long as you are not the type of person who needs any sort of organization in life. He may end up being a youth pastor.
This morning Jason called me to tell me that Dawson was relentlessly mentioning a naughty bunny rabbit while he was eating breakfast. He continued to talk about the bunny on the car ride to daycare so Jason said he finally asked Dawson why the bunny was naughty. Dawson's reply to him was:
"Bunny rabbit naughty. He got timeout."
I'm thinking maybe Dawson has been in trouble one too many times in daycare?


ashley said...

i think dawson did a fabulous job cleaning up! :) sadly....even though the quotes weren't for me....i can't figure out where either are from!

aunt diana said...

Most importantly, it looks like Jason's magazine subscription is on it's final issue. He'd better renew so Dawson has some new magazines to read - lol! Anyway, great job cleaning Dawson, not bad for a 2 1/2 year old.

Dani said...

First you blog about Dawson reading all of Jason's magazines. Then later in the same post you write about Dawson constantly mentioning a naughty bunny... I must admit, the thought crossed my mind (but I was praying it wasn't true) that Dawson was talking about the Playboy Bunny. Whew!! Ha ha!! I was getting concerned about the kind of magazines you let your husband -- and son -- read! :)