Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Playdough in all its forms

Well, maybe not all its forms, but some if its best forms...
Dawson made... stuff.

I opted to make:

An octopus. 
The first octopus known to man to have only 7 tentacles, rather than 8. But I ran out of pink playdough. And he certainly couldn't have one tentacle made of a different color. Seriously!

Of course we have the artistic one in the family. Jason. I draw stick figures, he can draw a masterpiece. He opted to make:
A pile of poo.
Good job hon.

This is a quick shout out to my friend Ashley who introduced me to my new love: which is where I made my new header. Yeah! Thanks for the compliments I got on it.

On Sunday we babysat for my niece and two nephews. I was scrounging around everywhere looking for something to make for them for dinner and I came across a box of Hamburger Helper. Perfect. So I'm slaving away over the stove with my hamburger helper when my niece comes up to me (she's 8) she's says: "Aunt Joy, how come you're so good at cooking?" If she only knew. I explained to ther the complexities of Hamburger Helper and she was amazed. Astounded acutally. I am a great cook.

And now at this time I'd like to come clean with the fact that I'm in therapy. I'm in therapy because I'm zealous about my site meter. I check my site meter several times a day and then I email some of my blogger friends to see if know anyone from (insert name of state) who may have visited my blog. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm free from this addiction and my therapy is over because the last time I did this, I got this email:

Don't know anything about the (insert state) thing. My aunt and uncle live in (insert city) and (her husband's) dad spends half the year in the (insert city) area. I don't know where (insert state) is so I can't help ya there. But if it has to do with the blog thing, then maybe you should stop checking where people are from. :)

I gotta love her. She freed me from my demise.
Besides, that stupid site meter doesn't give me names!


♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

wow joy, quite an artist you are...i think thats better than i could do:) i think jason's a little obsessed with that where you get it from too? haha, j/k. ahhh....i love your new header sooooo much!!! im going on and making one myself!!

jenn said...

1. i love playdough...don't worry about your 7 legged you can make up a neat story about how it was attacked at sea and lost one of its legs trying to save...yeah, i will leave the creativity to you! ha!

2.and love your header. so fancy :).

3. i agree with you about sitemeter. i actually don't pay attention to it that much anymore. and you really can't pay attention to the locations, as it reads where the signal is coming from, not exactly the location of the computer...something like that :)....but you know i visit your blog...yea :). love ya lots...m.e.

Grammy G said...

Jason IS obsessed with PooP... and farts, and lighting matches, and picking his nose!

Hopefully my dear grandson Dawson will not take after his Dad in these areas!

I love

Angela said...

That girl who freed you of your obsession must totally rock! :)