Monday, July 14, 2008

Theater seats, hold music and nesting

I just got off the phone with a company that has the most fabulous hold music! And trust me, I've had to listen to a lot of hold music in my day. Actually, if you had called my office a year ago, and got put on hold, you would have heard music that sounded like a beginner piano player at a crappy recital. Ask anyone who was ever put on hold with our school district. It's true. We had to fight to get new hold music. I'm not making this up. Now it sounds like a jazz concert in a tin box. But it's an upgrade.

And while I'm speaking of music I'll tell you about this little thought I had the other day while Jason and I were at the movies... Have you ever gone a whole day-one full day- without hearing any sort of music at all? Coming from your tv, listening to your mp3, or whatever? The world be a weird place without music. And I can't remember what made me think of that, except that I know at one point some school distritcs were pushing to cut classes such as band and music out of their schools to save on money and it's not a "critical" class... So obviously the people who got that great idea have never gone to a movie with no music. Because that movie would be really boring and they would be to blame.

And also, this is the other thought I had while I was sitting in the movie theater waiting for out movie to start.
"has anyone ever farted in this seat before?"
Because I was really gassy and I was feeling bad for the person coming in after me.

So Dawson seems to be in this nesting stage. Jason finally moved his toybox away from the living room windows because Dawson would sit on it and kick the wall, thereby inadvertantly messing up the paint. Now Dawson's toybox is on the other side of the room next to the tv/wii/stereo speaker on the left. And this leaves just enough space for Dawson to crawl in there and sit. And sit and sit and sit and sit. And play and cause havoc by getting himself stuck because he has unloaded every single toy from his toy box into this little area with him and he can't get out. Then I explain to him that this is a good problem solving lesson and he should just learn to figure his own way out rather than having his mommy come to his rescue. But have you seen how many toys he has? I was afraid I'd get reported to children's services so I helped the kid out.


ashley said...

did dawson get his haircut this weekend???? i wanna see pics! if so...or when he does...i bet it makes him look older! which i bet you will have mixed feelings about! :)

Daisy Path said...

i love ya! by the way, as far as hand me downs...just shoes (size 10) and cute purses and jewelery. i don't think i could wear any of you or your sister's clothes. heehee!

Grammy G said...

I think Dawson is "nesting" - just like Sophie does with her babies, Dawson does with his toys - Ha!

ashley said...

LOVE! the new header! :)

♪♫♪Briana♪♫♪ said...

ohhh!!! i just love the new header!! (we all love it actually, and when we saw it there was a choir of "awes!!!")ha. Seriously, how did you get it like that??

Holly said...

Love your new blog layout! :-)