Monday, July 7, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new

Let's talk about shutters. Shall we? Well, really, what is there to talk about? They basically hang beside your outside windows and serve no other purpose than to accentuate the positive. Am I right? Well, we decided to upgrade ours. Well, not so much an upgrade, as a color change, but it does give our house an extra spicy look now. See for yourself:
Dreary. Drab. Plain. Boring. Like our house maybe needs makeup.
Ahh. Much nicer. Don't ya think? Gives the house a face lift. Like we injected botox or something. Spicy.
We all know about my OCD need of being chronologically correct. Which is why I'm posting about shutters rather than about the 4th of July holiday. Don't worry. You'll get used to it.
Moving on.
We also painted another room in our house. The bathroom that is attached to our bedroom.
Okay so this picture was taken way before. As in, before we even moved in to the house... But it serves as a great reminder of how good the bathroom looks now that's it's painted!
No need to show more than one picture of this because our bathroom is so small.. what other angle is there to get? Although I did take one with the toilet seat up...

I guess you can get a better view of the paint color that way. It's called "Pale Sunshine." And can we just talk about the "Neutra Air" that's on the back of the toilet? Because that's for Jason.

And now it gets even better. The final upgrade we have made which was the main reason for this post- our newest addition to our family. Our new t.v.
Look. There's me on my knees taking the picture. Hi me. Good thing you can't really see me. Cuz I'm thinking I needed to shave my legs. This is our old tv. And those of you who know about the long-going debate between Jason and I will know henceforth that I won. He wanted new bedroom furniture. I wanted a tv.
A new 42" Samsung Plasma something or other. But who needs details? We actually get more than 2 tv stations in on this tv! Look. There's me again. On the new tv screen. Only I'm standing. Hi again. This makes watching "Night at the Museum" 1,999,875 times almost bearable.


ashley said...

YEA! for the new tv!!! all the home improvements look great! you guys have been busy :)

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

Hey...I really do like all your new looks!! I espically like the new tv....wish I could get one!!