Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Independence Day (USA)

That's what my calendar says as being scheduled for the whole day on July 4th. So rather than being boring, and having my title be "July 4th) I thought I'd add a little zest and go for the Independence Day title.
However, Zesty, my 4th of July was not. Would you like to know what we did on our 4th of July? We watched the Macy's Firework's show from the comfort of our living room on our new tv. Dawson even stayed up to watch part of them. Though he kept asking to watch "Night at the Museum". The fireworks set to music in our living room on our tv must not be as exciting as that movie...
Our 6th of July was quite fun! And I have the pictures to prove it.
My sister B was home from the state in which she currently lives. So we made family plans to get together and eat and fight like sisters do.
First we decided to get together for some sisterly snapshots:
That second picture really cracks me up because my sister A looks so disgusted about something.
And, for the record- we were drinking tea. And my sister put vanilla in it. Vanilla from Mexico.But she never went to Mexico, so I'm not sure how she got it.
As you can see, I didn't get in these pictures, so we called my bro-in-law Tim over to take a few pics of all of us.
Little did we know the conspiracy he had with Jason against us all...
Take a look:
Do you see Jason in the back??
Our reaction.
Then it was time for some swimming.
I am so proud of Dawson. Taking him to the Y for daycare has really turned out to be worthwhile in that he gets free swimming lessons. He is not afraid of the water and he swims all over the place. Jason and I had just bought him some new swim trunks that came with an attached life jacket. He hated it at first and screamed and raised a ruckus to put it on. But he shut up quickly when he got by the water.
Isn't he cute?
Watch him swim:
My mom's cute too.
My sister's and I all took a turn at "don't rock the boat"
Action shots:
The twins, Kazlan & Kadan each gave Dawson the opportunity to try on their sunglasses.
He suprised me and wore Kazlan's around all day.
Isn't he just saying "check me out ladies."?
By this point, Dawson hasn't taken one nap the whole day, and he's getting grumpy. Jason took him to jump on the trampoline.
And now it's time to head home. But first we have to drag out Tiger, the cat.
Dawson opted to just take his nap on Tiger, but Tiger was not thrilled. But he did stick with it long enough to let me get that shot. Good kitty.


kirstne said...

are we the only ones who can't get the volume to work for the videos, or is anyone else having that problem too?

jenn said...

what a beautiful 4th of july we had this year and i am so glad you spent the day enjoying it. joy, thanks so much for your comments. i can't tell you how much it meant to me that you were thinking of all of us who knew dave. it has and will continue to be difficult for he was such an incredible man. but it helps so much knowing we all are being thought of and prayed for. you are such a sweetheart! thanks so much!!! love ya lots..m.e.

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

your 6th of July looks quite fun! wow, Dawson is really a good swimmer for his age...i'm suprised:)