Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Fun

We found a little yard sprinkler ring at Wal-mart. So we bought it for Jason and I but decided that Dawson could use it too as long as he had no temper tantrums, demanding episodes or toddler meltdowns. As you can see, we opted to let him play in the water anyway.
His first reaction to the untested geiser of water in his back yard:
Once he ran through it several times and got used to the freezing cold water, he seemed okay. We're fun, innovative great parents aren't we?
He liked it so much that he was willing to try it out again the next day. And this time I made sure I put on his new swim trunks. Because they're cute. And it's important to look cute in your own back yard.
It was my turn to be in the pictures so I thought it would be a novel idea to show him how funny it would be if he stood over the water to make it look like he was going pee. Evidently, Jason thought this was a great idea too, and I found a picture of it on our camera:

Dawon's reaction to his mommy's lesson:
I think maybe he was scratching his rear?
I just think the picture below is a marvelous angle. That's important for a blog post you know.
Kudos to my husband who spent hours working on our front and back yard planting grass seed, watering the grass seed and doing all sorts of crazy things to get our grass to look splendid. And it worked because he found a rabbit in our front yard digging a hole because it liked our grass so much. Jason was not hapy with the rabbit. But I assured him the rabbit's actions were a compliment to his caretaking of our yard. Rabbit's will not nest in unsightly yards. It's leaves a poor impression on their babies.
By the way. Dawson is getting his very first professional haircut next week.


aunt diana said...

awe - that's too cute. Sure looks like Dawson (& you guys) are having fun in the sprinkler!

Stephanie said...

I want to come play! Invite?!?!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

so, Dawson had fun in Jason's sprinkler? thats good!! wow...what great parents you guys are...showing Dawson to stand in the water to look like he's peeing...haha

Anonymous said...

my farmer's tan is sweeeet!