Thursday, July 3, 2008

Piderman (pie-der-man)

This is Dawson's new favorite craze. He can't pronounce his s's (is that normal for toddlers?) so instead we just get the "piderman" part. He has a spidermant t-shirt, spiderman pajama's and he goes to the entertainment center frequently to pull out the spiderman dvd case and make his request that we watch it. If we do not watch it, he throws a fit and repeatedly asks for it until I'm broken down and can no longer say no. If only toddler's had a mute. If we don't let him wear his spiderman t-shirt upon his request he has a meltdown and jumps up and down. But, I don't give in on this one! Some things just have to be washed! Sheesh, and I was told girls are high maintenance.
However, every morning when he first wakes up, and every night before bed, he demands to watch the movie "animals". Which is his version of the movie. The actual title is "Night at the Museum". Jason and I have watched that movie now a total of 1, 322, 457, 001 times. Give or take a few. He would watch the whole thing happily if we let him. But I make him get up and play cars and run around in circles or something just to release energy. It is nice at bedtime though, to get him to unwind. He lays in bed with us and we watch about 15 or 20 minutes of it and then put him to bed.
He's talking so much more now. I remember each step of the way always saying "oh it will be so weird when he does"... (pull himself up,crawl, walk say his first word) and now he uses at least 3 word sentences! His personality is defintately starting to show more.
But we're still waiting to figure out what to do with his thumb. So far it seems pretty limited to bed time or when he's really tired. Defintiley a comfort thing. I used to suck my finger and I quit around kindergarten so we'll see. If he's still 21 and sucking his thumb we'll leave it to his future wife to deal with.
This morning he was determined to wear socks and determined to wear sandals. Do toddlers have no sense of fashion? Pretty soon he will be wearing his spiderman pj's, socks and sandals to daycare and there will be all these toddler girls wanting to give him big fat kisses.
Here's Dawson and daddy at it again.
All children need to experience Jell-o pudding pops, right?
Happy Birthday Gramma G! :o)


jenn said...

oh i am jealous! i want spiderman pajamas!!! maybe one day if i beg my parents over and over again, my dream will come true :). um, yeah, about your pictures in the previous post....LOVE THEM!!!! you have such style!!! love ya lots..m.e.

Angela said...

Girls are high maintenance! Addie changed her shoes THREE times before we headed out to the mall. I hope to blog about it soon, but if I don't, remember to ask me about it. :)