Friday, August 15, 2008

IV: Garden of the Gods

Whew. This whole vacation is taking me longer to post than it took us to go.

Garden of the Gods. I have no clue how the place got named. But I do know that it was owned privately at one time. Which amazes me. That would be like me owning my own island. Which I'm currently working toward.

This formation is called "kissing camels".
I've never seen camels kiss. Have you?
If you ended up actually reading my previous posts and memorized them like I'm sure you did, then you will remember that Steph is the queen of jumping pictures.
Criss Cross'll make ya
Criss Cross'll make ya
We did see rock climbers there. Though they encouraged us not to step on their rock climbing cords. So we did our best to avoid doing that.
Soon enough it was time to go.
Sometime during the course of the week, though I'm not sure it was on Thursday, Greg and Gloria took Dawson to the park to play.

I've noticed a little theme with Dawson's tongue in many of the pics.
That evening we decided to take it easy and go for a walk to the park. Where Dawson tripped on the cement, landed flat on his face and got a bloody nose. I held him and comforted him, though I was panicked and he bled all over the shoulder of my white shirt. Which I soaked in Peroxide and the stain came out. But when I got home I realized there was a hole in the shoulder of my shirt where the blood stain had once been. So maybe I soaked it a little too long?
This is the view of the park that is within walking distance from the house.


ashley said...

hey! i'm thinking i may have been to that garden of rocks! it looks like you had a fabulous vacation! :)

aunt diana said...

Those are great pics! Colorado is just sooo pretty! Hey - I've named the last two jumping pictures of you & Jason and Step & Josh "the rapture", cause it looks like you're being taken up into Heaven!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

don't you love garden of the gods? it is beautiful. No, i have never seen camels kiss, but i HAVE heard a camel FART (at the zoo...)haha. looks like jason has a pretty good wedgie goin on...ha. that made me laugh! love dawson's facial expressions on the slide!!