Monday, August 11, 2008

Colorado: Part III

Old Colorado City and Date Night
The 4 of us and Gloria headed to Old Colorado City for some shopping. That whole sentence reeks with BORING. I'm hoping it will get better. I mean, I hope my sentences get better. The trip itself was far from boring.
There's a fountain in the center of town that we wanted to take Dawson to so that he could play in it. There are way too many pictures of him playing in this fountain and I'm going to oblige each and every one of you by putting them all on here. You're welcome.
At first, of course, there were hundreds of little childeren running in and out of the fountain, but Dawson would have none of it. What's good for them, may not be good for him. This could prove helpful later in life. When he has peer pressure to do things like smoke tea leaves. Ask Jason about that, I'm sure he'll explain.

Which the mom can hardly stand, I mean it's fun dang it!
Then we all decide to help:
By this time Dawson figured he could do it himself:

In the meantime, I walked to starbucks to get an iced vanilla latte. yum. That has no effect on anything that happens next, other than the fact that I didn't see Dawson decide to play "ready set go" which is what the following pictures are of that Steph took:

Finally we have the belly shot.
Then it was off to Michael Garman's studio. You can read all about this man and his work if you click on the above link. But basically he does scultpures of people. He created a miniature town in his main office in Old Colorado City. It's called Magic Town. It's awesome. You can peer into the windows of the buildings and see the rooms he created. He has so many details. If you click on the picture it becomes more apparent.
Jason took this PEPSI picture for me!
On to shopping.
There's a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory here. How can one pass up chocolate? Especially if one is me, who never pass up chocolate.
Jason found a chocolate covered jalepeno. Let's watch this unfold.
I'm sure it was scrumptious.Steph and I found some great sunglasses. We're thinking they were made for square eyes.
That sums up our day in Old Colorado City. fountain playing, jalepeno eating, square eyed fun.

We opted for a night out on the town. In Denver to be exact. I like Denver, but I don't like that you don't have the same view of the mountains as you do in the Springs. However, on 16th street there is no shortage of hippies, homeless or people offering a joke for a dollar. I'm thinking of taking up this sport. I have several jokes.
First, it was pre-date pictures. Kind've like prom, only better. While Dawson and Jason played piano, us girls got ready.
Then we soon realized the boys were dressed alike. So we wanted to dress alike. Kind've like junior high only more mature.
Photo Shoot.
We realized we were on to something here. The living room is decorated in a victorian style.
This was good, but let's go for the gold.
The boys got jealous.
This was pushing it a little far.
I begged for Maggiano's. My favorite restaurant. Especially for it's atmosphere and the fact that I love their bread. And their bruschetta because it comes with fresh mozzarella cheese. I should have been Italian. Frank Sinatra sounds his best through the speakers in this place.
Please keep in mind that Steve's smile was purged from him. We razzed him for about 5 minutes to actually smile for a picture.
I've decided to sign out with a meatball.


jenn said...

okay, i just spent a good portion of time laughing out loud not only as i read this recap, but as i saw all the lovely illustrations provided by the pictures!!! seriously, i think you could make a trip to the recycling plant interesting :)...ha! but it definitely makes me want to take a vacation with you. i don't know how you get others to play along with your fun insanity :), but i love it!!! maybe you bribe them with chocolate jalepeno's :). ha! love ya lots..m.e.

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

yumm...that jalepeno looks good....
cute sunglasses, i could use some of those,haha, searously, who has square eyes? wow...that is one huge, i think the biggest i've ever seen...i wanna go there and try it!!