Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Marathon.

Friday night I had the privilege of having one of my closest friends come and stay. Mindy and I were roomies in college and we've made it a point to stay in touch ever since. Her daughter Cora is just a few months younger than Dawson so I was anxious to see how they'd interact (if at all) considering Dawson is just a tad on the selfish side, and after all, she'd be playing with his toys!
We had planned on an OFFICE marathon, staying up all night and watching it back to back because she owns seasons 1 through 3. Which is the real reason we're friends. just kidding.
We did make it through all of season one. And one episode of season 2... I looked at the clock on my way to bed and I had made it to 12:41!Look at me and my bad self.
We kicked off the Office festivities with none other than (drum roll please) The Chocolate Fountain!
Where I ingested about one full quart of strawberries, 10 homemade rice krispy treats, 12 oreo cookies, one bananna and 1/2 a marshmallow for good measure. I'm still constipated.
We did allow each child one oreo as well.
Cora won for the best cookie face.
Of course as I said earlier I was quite interested to see how Dawson and Cora would interact. It was just as I suspected. Dawson said "mine" the whole evening and Cora would chase him down taking back what she wanted. And I let her because she needs to take a stand for her rights now! Before they get married.
The next morning we had breakfast. Eggs for the children, Pillsbury Cinnabon cinnamon rolls for the adults. Because adults need protein.
Then for a walk to the park. Where Mindy and I continously tried manipulating our children into obeying our every command. For the most part it worked.
Hold hands!
Cora is a little daredevil around Dawson. He brings out the best in her.
Back to our house for fun in the sprinkler!

And by the time this was over they were worn out. Which Mindy was quite excited about because she let Cora stay up with us while we watched the office and she wanted Cora to sleep the whole way home in the car. We mothers are always thinking.

Mindy wasn't convinced Cora was fully worn out. So our parting gift to her was to let Cora jump on the bed for a while.
I really should consider opening up a bed and breakfast.


jenn said...

hola, it's your communist friend (NOT REALLY ALL YOU READING THIS, SO DON'T HOLD ANY OF THAT AGAINST ME OR START CRAZY ROOMERS) :). you crack me up!!! and just for you, i am saying proudly...GO BEARS :). ha, and commish is short for being the commissioner of the fantasy football league silly!!! and there you have it...

now back to your post :), i have to admit i freaked out when i saw marathon (mostly because i had to watch 2 hours of it on the olympics :). but what a fun marathon you had...complete with chocolate fountain...i'm jealous :). and you know i would totally come if you opened a bed and breakfast...as long as i get to jump on the beds too :).

p.s. not that this isn't long enough, but check out my wr blog...got some exciting news :). love ya lots...m.e.

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Now that Dawson is old enough to enter college and for you to start planning his nuptuals, isn't it about time he quit sucking his thumb?

Stephanie said...

So stinkin cute!

How's it feel to know your future daughter in law at such a young age?