Thursday, August 21, 2008

Never Let Go, Bob the Builder!

Dawson's new favorite show is Bob the Builder. However, the theme song for the show can repeat itself over and over in a toddler's mind. I can see how the industry uses that to make millions. But when the toddler repeats it over and over again, it can be kind've cute. Take a look.

There is a worship song that I think is sung by Matt Redman on the Passion CD that we just purchased. Jason said he was listening to this song one morning and he heard Dawson singing along. Matt Redman, do you read my blog? I'd like to say "hi", and ask if there's a place on your worship team for my son? He knows almost all of his shapes. Thanks.


Grammy G said...

Ah, this is absolutely adorable!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

I had the "Bananas in Pajamas" song running through my head for 6 months once and now that I just told you that? It's BACK!!!!
Bananas in Pajamas
Are comin' down the stairs
Banana's in Pajamas
It's like they just don't care...

aunt diana said...

awe - Dawson's singing is tooo cute! He should be in a kiddie choir at church. Can't wait to hear him sing this weekend. He, Owen & Lydia can sing together!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

i like to sing along to bob the builder too;)