Saturday, August 23, 2008


I have the HONOR of being the Matron.Of.Honor. in my sweet sister-in-law's wedding.
She is marrying this great guy named Steve on October 25th of this year.
She's having a fall themed wedding and I was bursting at the seams when I heard about the engagement because secretly in my heart, many times I have wanted to be a wedding planner!
-I am for hire by the way-
IAlso,I've been racking my brain for the perfect toast for the wedding so if any of you have some good lines, send them my way. :)
While we were in Colorado I had the opportunity to get sized for my bridesmaid dress. She is having them made by a great lady that she works with.
Here are pics of me, and her friend Amber. Both of us got fitted at the same time. We're just showin off our stuff!
The amazing thing is, my sis-law found the material for the dress online! The material and the color turned out to be perfect! The lace for the waist is a real pretty ivory color. I'm just proud of her and how it all pulled together.
Now we are in bridal shower mode.. so if you have any ideas for games, and such send those my way too!
This is my first time being an M.O.H. if you can't tell.
How am I doing?
That reminds of those semi drivers who have to put those bumper stickers on the back of their truck that say "How is my driving? call 1-800-my driving sucks" or something like that.
Of course that was a tangent.
Should I get a bumper sticker for my M.O.H duties?
Congrats to my beautiful "sista" (as we call each other)
Oh, and to Steve too!


ashley said...

i hope you enjoy all your moh duties! :) i'm sure you'll make a terrific one!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

im excited for you that you the m.o.h.! i think your doing good so not quite sure though, cause i've never been

Anonymous said...

I think my bridesmaid dresses look fab! You're gonna look great. :)