Monday, September 15, 2008

Complete with Bow-tie.

Well it rained all weekend, so I had the laziest weekend ever. However, I did take a moment during the lazy stint in my career to organize our towel closet and organize some drawers in Dawson's room. It was during this brief burst of energy that I happened upon the most awesome outfit in the history of my husband's clothes.
When I came across this beutiful specimen I quickly called Dawson to his bedroom where I was diligently working. "Dawson! Come here quick!" The moment he walked in the door, I promptly stripped him down and then dressed him up.
See for yourselves what fine pieces of work I live with:
       Jason 1979/1980                                      Dawson 2008

Oh yes, I tried for hours to get Dawson to pose the way his dad did for the picture! But Dawson would have none of it. I did laugh out loud at the fact that the ruffled shirt was so tight on Dawson, the buttons made screaming sounds and I worried that they'd pop right off.
I will say... I think Dawson looks a little amish.
Jason's mom actually gave us several more outfits that belonged to Jason, and I have them safely folded and stored in ziploc baggies, waiting for the opportune moment to try them on Dawson. Dawson eats more than his dad ever did. That's for sure!
It's too bad I have no baby clothes of my own. Dawson would make a cute little girl model.


aunt diana said...

Oh my goodness! I had to take a second look at that picture right next to Jason's, cause at first w/ a quick glance, I thought it was Jason! Boy do they look like twins or what - that's crazy! Dawson looks just as adorable as Jason did in that outfit all those years ago!

jenn said...

too funny!!! all he needs is a horse and buggy :). oh and of course he has to know how to make beef and noodles! ha! too cute!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

wow...i searously thought the first pic. was dawson! thats too funny how dawson looks so much like jason did...except with the fact that dawson eats what a cutie:)

Grammy G said...

Ah, this brings back memories! I can't believe how much they look a like!