Thursday, September 18, 2008

True Story

I have invited a very special guest to share with us today.
Today's edition of blogging with Joy, is brought to you by my favorite sister-in-law, Jenessa. Her story should be shared on that channel with the wedding story's on it, and then, they should offer to do her whole wedding for free.
This story is not for the faint of heart. Especially if you're a BRIDE.

I went to try on my wedding dress today, as I was told it had came in yesterday. I get in the dressing room….they bring me the dress. It’s completely wrong! It’s not a dress I would have even have considered, let alone tried on. In fact, it strongly resembles a nightgown. At first I’m thinking they just grabbed the wrong one. Or an order came in and they thought it was mine. No such luck. After about 10 minutes of frantic searching, the staff came in and said….this is all we have. It’s what Jana (my consultant who has since been fired) said you wanted, and what you tried on. I patiently explained that no, I would have never wanted a wedding dress that looked like a nightgown, and I assured her I would have never have tried that one on.
To make a long, almost comedic story short….I can’t get the dress that I had originally ordered and purchased. The best they could do with that same dress was a version that was ivory with mauve roses on it…which I didn’t like. Or they could get it in white, instead of ivory, which would wash me out. I look better in ivory for sure.

The owner was ready to hand me my money back and let me start over. I wasn’t thrilled with that option….the wedding is weeks away and the chances of finding it in my size, getting it altered/hemmed…etc….is maybe not impossible but extremely expensive and stressful.

THANKFULLY…one of the dresses that I originally had tried on, which two of my friends happened to like better, was still in the store. In my size. The owner offered to give me the other dress, which was $600 more than the one I ordered, for what I already paid. Fair enough deal. It’s a beautiful dress…very striking and simple. Just completely different than the one I originally ordered. No lace, no sparkle. Just a shimmery ivory material with a wrap waist and jewels around the waist. We are adding cap sleeves made of a sheer material with jewels that match the waist embellishment. It’s a gorgeous dress so I’m trying to get over that it’s not the one I ordered or originally wanted. It was one of my top 3, it was just way too expensive to even consider. Unfortunately, the veil that my grandmother made for my mom, for her wedding, does not go well with this new dress at all. That was disappointing. The only veil I like is cathedral length and its $200!!!! So that was a very unexpected expense.

I felt like I was getting PUNKed. Or on a session of candid camera. But…no such luck!

Anyway, it will all work out. But quite the unexpected turn of events!
To add to the horror of this story, they made Jenessa pay the $50.00 rush fee to get her dress sent in time to have it altered and back to her for a first fitting...
Now, if this story just doesn't make your blood boil I don't know what will. When she called me yesterday to share this story with me, I was about to be come:
The matron of honor from h-e-double hockey sticks.
I was fully fired up to call this boutique and tell them:
"Hello, I'm the nightmare called Jenessa's matron of honor. You will first return the $50.00 to Jenessa, and then you will give her the veil she likes for free. Rather than having her sue you for punitive damages, I'm also thinking it would be nice if you could pay for her reception and throw in those Rocky Mountain chocolate covered caramel apples I love for wedding favors. Snap snap."
I actually have a few wedding nightmares of my own but nothing that can top this. Maybe I'll share our wedding story here someday. In the meantime, send some prayers of sanity and peace up for Jenessa!


aunt diana said...

I got Jenessa's email yesterday too. As I read it, my heart was breaking for Jenessa, and my blood was boiling as I thought how this was a totally unacceptable thing for a bride to go through! I agree w/ you, they definitely should return the $50.00 - what nerve they have asking for that - and she should get the veil for free as well!!!!!! That whole thing just burns me up. Maybe the nightmare matron of honor and the nightmare aunt from Parma should visit this place when we're there next month and give them a piece of our mind!!!!!!

Angela said...

Was it David's Bridal?! :)
I just now caught up on your last 700 posts (you really need to slow down on the posting...). Just want to say MY 2 yr old is doing the independence thing, too. And wants her daddy way more than she wants me. BUT, I have Ethan, and he loves me and wants me tons. So it all works out. So, my advice: have another kid. :) (Jason is loving me right now, I'm sure!)
Let's get together soon! Love, ang :)

Jodi said...

Hey Joy! Check out my blog.
Love ya!

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

yeah...this story is terrible...i feel sooo bad for nessa!!! hope everything turns out good tho!!