Tuesday, September 23, 2008

March On

Yes. You will remember from my last post that I was in marching band in highschool. Let's reminisce for a moment, shall we?
Look at me. Don't I look like my mind is singing "I'm proud to be in the marching band, where at least I know I'm hot."

The girl helping me is Crystal Keen. We were neighbors and best friends growing up. She looks much more chic in her marching band hat than I ever did. Maybe it was my glasses.
Speaking of Crystal, she and I both played flute. Once, we decided to take a flute duet to a contest called ISSMA. I don't even remember what ISSMA stands for anymore. Probably "I'm So Smart Making Anchovies" or something. Anyway, the day we went to contest, we dressed exatcly the same. White dress, white dress shoes with pink ribbons in our hair. Our English teacher saw us and made fun of us everyday in class for the rest of our English going lives. However, I never wore pants on my head like some of my friends did... ha ha! Just kidding Dani! I busted up laughing at your blog post.

Glade update: We now have White Tea & Lily air freshner in our office bathroom.

2 quick stories then I'm outy like Jason's belly button:
This conversation took place between Dawson and I just as we were leaving church on Sunday:
Me: Oh Dawson you look so handsome!
Dawson: Handsome? he asked. Followed by silence...
then emphatically he declares:
Dawson: I'm cute!!

And speaking of Sunday, Jason and I were in a rush to get around before church. So Dawson took a shower with me. (this is not going where you think it is) He's started this thing where he hates getting soap in his eyes (thanks Cora, ha ha!) so anyway, I was holding him up to the shower spiget to rinse his hair out and he was screaming out "what's going on here?!" It made me bust up laughing. Where on earth did he learn that sentence?


Sarah said...

I always thought you looked really good in blue and gold. I'm sure your hubby thought, you were irrisistable. My hubby likes all pics of me in my band uniform... he has them framed on his side of the bed... =)

Sarah said...

Have you told Crystal you have published pictures of her for the world to see. I'm sure she will be ecstatic! =)

Daisy Path said...

way to go....name my kid on your blog!!!! geesh. haha! she is getting better about water in her eyes.

jenn said...

"this one time at band camp"... ha ha...love the glasses!!!

Holly said...

I always felt sorry for all the band members having to wear a space suit in hot weather!!!

Dani said...

Joyous, technically they were tights not pants. Ya know, the thick flannely looking ones -- I think "my hair" was red. I tried to find a picture, but no such luck. Thanks for spreading the news. :)

Gloria said...

I didn't know you were in marching band!