Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hide & Seek

We're all out of groceries.
We've needed to go to the store for several days now but have been too busy. This means we have no staples. No milk, no butter, no chocolate. To give you an example, last night for dinner Jason and I ate macaroni & cheese. I also had a bowl of cereal (hence the reason for the lack of milk) And Jason had half a totinos pizza.
So this morning for breakfast, Jason gave Dawson a bowl of cereal with water in it. Dawson ate every last bite of it.
To tell you the truth, I don't know what's worse. That. Or seeing Dawson dressed in a striped shirt and plaid pants...
This is also why I had to eat a 2 day old cupcake for breakfast.
Last night Jason asked Dawson to play hide and go seek. Jason decided it was well time that Dawson should learn to cover his eyes and count while Jason goes and hides. Little did we know that Dawson can nearly count to 10 already on his own! Granted, he gets his numbers out of order, but who really needs to have the numbers in order? I failed math all through school, and I still don't need it. much.
The following video is of Dawson hiding. You'll never guess where he is. I'm also admitting this video into evidence as proof that I have a strong willed child that I have to force to love me.
Final story:
We had one stack of library books and dvds that needed returned to the library. They were overdue. No worries-we are not repeat offenders. This meant I had to rush home from work, run in, grab the hot loot, and rush to the library to get them turned in. It's $1.00 for each day they are overdue. Three of the dvds I knew were overdue. That is a stupid word. Overdue. Knowing I was going to be the one doing the grunt work because he wouldn't be home, Jason asked to me make sure I took Dawson in with me when I returned the movies. Not because he was afraid Dawson would get kidnapped while waiting in my car. Because the librarians there love Dawson. Each time we go to the library these 2 women dote on Dawson like he's the best thing since Frank Sinatra. Dawson can be running around tearing the place apart, taking books of shelves, wreaking havoc and they just think he's great. As you can see, Jason was plotting a scam like no other. Use Dawson as bait to get out paying our dues. Of course, being the good Christian woman I am, I certainly wouldn't even have thought of that. But I did take Dawson in with me when I got there. I gingerly placed the spoils on the check-in counter and nonchalantly walked over to the dvd aisle scouring other items I could forget about once I got home. In the meantime, the older librarian walked over to me asking me how Dawson's potty training was going. I thanked her for asking and replied that he will be potty trained by the time he's 15. We chit-chatted for a bit and she talked to Dawson for a few minutes and headed back to the counter. Then the guilt settled in and I needed to get home anyway, so I called Dawson over and walked up to the counter asking if she could look up our account, I was thinking we had some overdue items. The younger girl was at the counter. She loves Dawson but she can be an overdue nazi so I prepared for the worst. She looked up my name first. No overdue charges on my account. Didn't think so. Look up my husbands account please, I had to stop at CVS today and get cash back so that I could pay you and now my child will have to eat cereal in water for breakfast. She looked up Jason's account. No overdue charges on that one either.
The older lady had been the one to check-in our illicit plunder, and she removed our overdue charges because she loves Dawson.
It's great having a kid.


Jonzi said...

Does Jason ever wear a shirt? Just out of curiosity? I feel like one day I'm going to be at the office and he'll be walking around shirtless.

I do have to say that you have the cutest little boy ever. However, he may not win the "hide and sick championship" if he continues to tell you where he is hiding at :)

ashley said...

hmm does that happen to also work at the video store? because it's genius! good thing i've got my baby on the way! :)

Anonymous said...

shirts always hide my outy belly button which Joy just loves to stare at everytime we're at home.

Grammy G said...

Hide n Seek - what a fun game. How cute that Dawson is learning how to count. Good job little D!

aunt diana said...

Awe - it's cute hearing Dawson count and learning how to play hide and seek. Looks like he was having lots of fun!